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ACHCV Program for Rental Assistance (Formerly Section 8)


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NOTE: Due to overwhelming application response and limited available housing, the Arlington County Housing Choice Voucher (ACHCV) Program is no longer accepting applications.

The federally funded and locally administered ACHCV Program helps low-income families, the elderly and the disabled afford suitable housing in the private market.


An applicant must meet two requirements to be eligible for the ACHCV Program.

  • The applicant's household must qualify as a family. A family may be:
    • A single person
    • A group of people
    • With or without children
    • Elderly, disabled or displaced
  • The family’s annual income must fall at or below the applicable income limits.

How the Program Works

Read HUD’s Housing Choice Vouchers Fact Sheet.

Application Process/Waitlist

Due to limited available housing, the ACHCV Program is NO LONGER accepting applications.

  • The ACHCV Program has an application waitlist of approximately 5,000 people with an estimated five-year or more waiting period.
  • The waitlist includes applications for special housing programs.
  • Reaching the top of the waitlist depends on several factors
    • Unit and voucher availability
    • The date and time the application was received
    • The application's selection preferences (e.g., homelessness, domestic violence victim, a disability requiring permanent supportive housing, current residence or employment in Arlington)
  • The applicant will be contacted by mail for a final eligibility interview upon reaching the top of the waitlist. If the applicant has an address, status or household change while on the waitlist, the applicant must notify the ACHCV Program office in writing by completing the Waitlist Update Form (PDF).
  • Although the ACHCV Program can't release an applicant's placement number on the waitlist, the applicant can confirm an active waitlist status by calling 703-228-1450.


ACHCV Program priority is given if at least one of these factors applies to the applicant

  • Lives, works or has been offered employment in Arlington
  • Is homeless (i.e., has no regular or adequate nighttime residence, lives in a shelter, or has temporary residence in an institution or in a public or private place not ordinarily used for sleeping).
  • Is a domestic violence victim (including dating violence and stalking).
  • Has a qualifying disability for the Permanent Supportive Housing Program.

Special Housing Programs

The ACHCV Program includes these special housing programs

  • Project-Based Vouchers
  • Milestones Program (for homeless persons who have serious mental illness)
  • Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA)
  • Family Unification Program (FUP)

Porting in From Other Housing Agencies

The ACHCV Program will administer (but not absorb — the former agency will be billed) housing choice voucher holders from other jurisdictions. Read about porting in.

Income Guidelines

In the ACHCV Program, 75 percent of the families must be less than or equal to an extremely low income. The remaining 25 percent must fall at or below a very low income.  

Extremely Low Income
Family SizeIncome LimitFamily SizeIncome Limit
Very Low Income
Family SizeIncome LimitFamily SizeIncome Limit
Income limits subject to change.

Overcoming Obstacles in Finding Housing

Arlington's low vacancy rate can make it difficult for families with limited financial resources to find housing. Also, landlords want tenants with good references and credit. ACHCV holders can begin repairing credit by contacting your local Consumer Credit Counseling Service (1-800-747-4222) or the Virginia Cooperative Extension (703-228-6400) for more information. 

Where to Use Vouchers

Since there is no public housing in Arlington, any landlord of single or multiunit dwellings may accept a voucher. Voucher holders must obtain their own lease.

These properties accept Arlington vouchers and offer a limited number of low or moderate income household units. Contact these properties for availability.

Alexan 24703.664.0723
The Arlington View Terrace*703.521.4010
Arna Valley View703.892.1100
Ashton House I, II, III703.538.7171
Avalon at Arlington Square703.892.1100
Ballston Park703.526.9600
Buchanan Gardens703.486.1126
The Barkalow703.528.8151
The Berkeley703.684.4545
Buckingham Village703.522.0991
Calvert Manor703.528.8151
Carlyn Springs703.528.8151
Colonial Village West*703.524.1337
Clarendon Court703.243.0555
Colonial Village703.525.5555
Columbia Commons703.671.3300
Columbia Grove703.671.8383
Courthouse Crossing703.528.7200
Fisher House703.528.8151
Fort Henry Gardens703.271.7113
The Frederick703.243.0690
Gallery at Rosslyn703.425.5379
Gates of Ballston703.875.8607
The Gramercy703.414.0001
The Grove at Arlington703.330.1541
Harvey Hall703.671.3900
Historic Ballston Park703.526.9600
Io Plaza703.379.2070
The Jordan800.384.1389
Jordan Manor703.538.7171
Key Gardens703.671.3900
Key Boulevard Apartments*703.524.1337
Lecky Apartments703.528.8151
Lenox Club703.418.1400
Lofts 590703.413.1367
Lorcom Arms703.528.8151
The Macedonian703.920.1066
The Madison at Ballston Station703.684.4545
Marbella Apartments703.243.6650
Meridian Apartments703.522.8700
Metropolitan of Arlington703.979.2500
Monterey Apartments703.379.6656
Oakcrest Apartments703.522.8755
The Odyssey703.522.8700
Patrick Henry Apartments703.532.5000
Pierce-Queen Apartments703.525.5555
Quebec Apartments703.521.3313
Queens Court Apartments703.528.7200
Quincy Plaza703.312.0700
Rosslyn Ridge703.528.7200
South Ballston Place703.526.9600
Taylor Square Apartments703.685.1491
Virginia Gardens703.685.1491
Vista on Courthouse703.253.8001
Westover Apartments703.538.7171
Whitefield Commons703.528.7751
William Watters Apartments703.525.5555
Woodbury Park703.525.0762
Apartment Complexes for Older Adults (62+)
and People With Disabilities
The Carlin703.243.4300
Claridge House703.521.9100
Culpepper Garden703.528.0162
Lockwood House703.538.6000
Woodland Hill703.931.5700

List is subject to change. Complexes with * maintain their own separate waiting lists.


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