Development in the Metro Corridors, 1st Quarter 2011


This report presents major commercial and residential development that has occurred since 1960 in the Metro Station Areas (MSAs) of Arlington County, Virginia.  Stations included in the report are: Rosslyn, Court House, Clarendon, Virginia Square and Ballston comprising the Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor, and Pentagon City and Crystal City comprising the Jefferson Davis Corridor.

For each of the above seven MSAs, this reports includes a map showing the location of projects completed by decades with a reference letter and number followed by a detail table.  Each detailed table includes information on project name, address, GLUP designation, zoning district, approval and completion dates, site plan numbers, site area, office and retail square footage, number of residential and hotel units and information about building heights and parking.  Projects that have been approved by the County Board, but are not yet completed (or under construction) are also included.  The data for this report is as of the end of the 1st Quarter 2011.

Click on areas of the below map to explore chapters of the report that correspond to each Metro Station Area.

You can also download chapters of the report from the below links:

Development in the Metro Corridors, 1st Quarter 2011 - Full Report (PDF, 3,226 KB)
    Introduction and Table of Contents (PDF, 237 KB)
    Rosslyn (PDF, 391 KB)
    Courthouse (PDF, 390 KB)
    Clarendon (PDF, 305 KB)
    Virginia Square (PDF, 335 KB)
    Ballston (PDF, 797 KB)
    Pentagon City (PDF, 441 KB)
    Crystal City (PDF, 437 KB)
    PRAT Staff List and Back Cover (PDF, 171 KB)

Instructions on uploading a copy of this report to iBooks in either an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch is available at this link.

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