Judicial Services

Judicial services cover all legal administrative offices and courts within Arlington County.

Arlington Circuit Court

  • Records, registers, files, and researches records such as deeds, liens, judgments, and wills
  • Hears criminal and civil cases 
  • Hears appeals from the General District Court

Arlington General District Court

  • Handles misdemeanor cases and holds preliminary hearings to determine probable cause in felonies
  • Presides over involuntary mental commitment hearings for Arlington County
  • Has exclusive jurisdiction over claims for damages less than $25,000 in civil cases

Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court

  • Investigates and supervises adults on matters relating to domestic violence, other intra-family criminal cases and cases of adult offenses against children
  • Operates a mediation program
  • Investigates and supervises all matters involving children younger than 18 or those who committed offenses prior to turning 18

Office Of the Magistrate

  • Independent judicial officers who work directly for the Supreme Court of Virginia, Office of the Executive Secretary
  • Issues arrest warrants, summonses, bonds, search warrants, and medical detention orders
  • Conducts bail hearings in instances in which an individual is arrested on a warrant charging him or her with a criminal offense


Arlington County Circuit Court
1425 N. Courthouse Road, Suite 6700
Arlington, VA 22201
Phone: 703-228-7010
E-mail: CircuitCourt (at) arlingtonva.us

Paul Ferguson, Clerk of the Circuit Court


General District Court
1425 N. Court House Road, Suite 2500
Arlington, VA 22201

Main Number: 703-228-7900
Prepayable Traffic Fine: 703-228-4599
Clerk's Office: 703-228-4591
SSpurr (at) courts.state.va.us


Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court
1425 N. Courthouse Rd., Suite 5100
Arlington, VA 22201


Email: jdrcourt (at) arlingtonva.us


Office Of the Magistrate
2020 N. 15th Street
Arlington, VA 22201

Information: 703-228-3962
On Duty Magistrate: 703-228-3961

Email: bcadam (at) courts.state.va.us

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