Advisory Groups, Authorities, & Commissions



If you have the time, commitment, and willingness to actively participate toward making a difference in the Arlington we know today and want tomorrow, please apply for membership on an Advisory Group.

Working in partnership with the County Board, County staff, and your fellow citizens, we can continue to set the standards for excellence in good government and community livability.

Citizen participation is a vital aspect of good government. With the help of countless citizens who volunteer their time and expertise, Arlington County has emerged as a leading local government with numerous honorable awards and mentions. These include:

  • repeated Moody's Triple A bond ratings
  • Partners for a Livable Community Entrepreneurial American Leadership Award
  • the National Association of Counties Award for program innovation.
Here are just some of the many Commissions in Arlington:

See a list of all Commissions.

Arlington County Government promotes consensus-building to help ensure that all stakeholders have the chance to influence the outcome of issues of concern to them.  This is often referred to as “The Arlington Way.”

 Watch "General Orientation for Newly Appointed Commission Members," a video orientation to serving on an Arlington County Advisory Group.

Print "Take Stewardship to the Next Level" brochure about joining an Advisory Board or Commission

Read the Handbook for Citizen Advisory Groups

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