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Personal Training

personal trainingPerhaps you are not sure where to start or you have been exercising regularly but are in a rut. Personal training is a smart investment of your fitness funds. Our friendly, nationally qualified personal trainers will help you determine your specific fitness needs and will assist you in establishing attainable goals. These one-on-one workouts not only provide the motivation you need to keep on track, but also ensure you are using proper form and technique. You will see and feel the results! Email Jeff Gordon or call 703-228-5916 for more information and to book your session today.


Pilates-Based exercise is sweeping the nation! It dramatically improves strength, flexibility, posture and coordination. The benefits that can be derived from this exercise include improved spinal flexibility, positive change to distorted muscle patterns, improvement in range of motion as well as posture. It is geared toward strengthening the whole body including the intrinsic muscles that are the little muscles you do not see. Specifically, Pilates-Based exercise technique is a set of principles that is demonstrated through corrective exercises and the utilization of specialized equipment that works the whole body. The technique focuses on balance and the coordination of the upper and lower musculature with the body as center. Each exercise session builds upon the methods learned from the previous session. The Method can be carried into your every day activities.

Pilates Classes
Arlington County offers Pilates-Based classes, among our Wellness class offerings. Please email Laurie Reid or call 703-228-1833 for more information about Pilates-Based exercise classes.

1-on-1 Pilates Training
Thomas Jefferson Community Center has a fully equipped Pilates studio. Please visit Thomas Jefferson Community Center for a tour of the facilities. Use of the studio is by appointment only with our certified instructor. Our instructor is comprehensively certified Pilates instructor with a strong foundation in functional anatomy. Sessions are tailored to help each participant meet his or her fitness goals. Rates are $75 for a single session or $675 for a package of 10 sessions. Duet sessions (two participants with one instructor) may be offered at the discretion of the instructor. Sessions are by appointment only. Pilates training is available to youth 16 and older, and adults. Participants must have a TJ membership or pay for the Daily Visit Fee. For more information, please email, Michael Villani, Fitness Membership Coordinator, or call 703-228-5933.

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