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Korean Embasy Pop-Up Park Plan
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Project: 2409 Clarendon Boulevard Interim Open Space

Location: Intersection of North Barton Street and Clarendon Boulevard

Contact: Diane Probus, Associate Planner, 703-228-0787

Status: Under Construction

Start Date: February 2014

End Date: Late Spring 2014

Description: Construction is underway to transform a vacant lot into a dynamic, inviting and sustainable open space for the community to enjoy! Lawn and gardens will surround an inner plaza where there will be colorful tables with umbrellas as well as uniquely designed seating for people to sit and enjoy the outdoors. For people who want to be more active, there will be a multi-use recreation area to use for a variety of outdoor games.

The County entered into a lease agreement with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in May 2013 for use of a vacant portion of their property. The term for the lease is for a minimum of two years with the option to extend the lease. Because the park is an interim park, the County will be using building materials reclaimed from other areas of the county and purchase furnishings which can be transferred to another park in the future.

Fort Barnard Playground Re-Design Concept Plan
Concept Plan
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Fort Barnard Park - click to enlarge
Existing Conditions
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Project: Fort Barnard Park - Playground Re-Design

Location: 2101 South Pollard Street, Arlington, VA 22204

Contacts: Thomas Boyd III, 703-228-0094

Funding: FY2011 PYGO, Parks Maintenance Capital

Status: Under Construction

Start Date: September 2013

End Date: Spring 2014

Description: The reconstruction of the playground at Fort Barnard Park will focus on play equipment, picnic shelter, accessibility from Pollard Street and around the playground, site furnishings, site drainage improvements and enhanced plantings which will all be implemented according to current playground safety guidelines and ADA standards.

Please see images below of the proposed play area and equipment (click to enlarge).

Fort Barnard Park Playground Improvements      Fort Barnard Park Playground Equipment      Entry Feature

Glencarlyn Park Arlington Forest Design Plan
Design Plan

Glencarlyn Park Arlington Forest Scoping Plan
Scoping Plan

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Project: Glencarlyn Park - Arlington Forest Park Improvement Project

Location: S. Harrison Street

Contact: Tunji Akiwowo, 703-228-7926

Funding: Neighborhood Conservation Program

Status: Under Construction

Start Date: March 2014

End Date: Summer 2014

Description: The improvements at Glencarlyn Park Arlington Forest focus on the northern portion of the park that is bordered by Four Mile Run, the Washington & Old Dominion bicycle trail and S. Harrison Street.  This project will create a new 5-12 playground featuring a sandplay area with boulders, a climbing structure, swings and includes environmentally friendly features including a native plant buffer and porous pavement.  Amenities will include benches, picnic tables, bicycle racks, and a new concrete path between the tot lot and the new playground.

Lacey Woods Park Picnic Shelter Improvements
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Lacey Woods Fence
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Lacey Woods Picnic Tables
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Project: Lacey Woods Park Interior Picnic Shelter

Location: 1200 North George Mason Drive, Arlington, VA  22205

Contacts: Brenda Parker, 703-228-4790

Funding: FY2012 PYGO, Parks Maintenance Capital

Status: In Design

Start Date: Fall 2012

End Date: Winter 2013

Description: PAY-Go funds were allocated for design and construction to replace existing interior picnic shelter, site furnishings, and ADA improvements.  The project was presented to the Bluemont Civic Association at their April 24th general meeting (see Meeting Minutes PDF).

Rocky Run Park Design Plan
Design Plan

Rocky Run Park Construction

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Project: Rocky Run Park Improvements

Location: 1109 North Barton Street, Arlington, Virginia 22201

Contact: Stephen Lucas (Construction Manager) 703-228-4358

Funding: 2010 Pay-As-You-Go and Park Bond Funds and the Neighborhood Conservation (NC) Program

Status: Under Construction

Start Date: January 2013

End Date: Winter 2014

Background: PAY-Go and Park Bond funds were allocated for the reconstruction of the playground and field, the provision of accessible walkways, as well as associated grading and drainage improvements and landscaping. In addition, NC funding was approved for the reconstruction of two basketball courts and lighting of the courts in 2010. More Background Information

A lot is going on at Rocky Run Park! Phase I construction continues, and some portions of Phase II construction are beginning.

Phase I Progress
Construction began in January 2013 at the lower end of the park and has been steadily moving upwards towards the N. Barton Street end of the park. As of October 2013, construction is approximately 75% complete. The retaining walls and the majority of drainage, earthwork lighting and pavements have been installed. In the coming months as we push towards completion of the project, the field will be completed, playground areas and the picnic shelter will be constructed, and landscaping will be installed.

Recently, the old restroom structure was demolished with the Phase I construction activities. The restroom was originally slated for removal with the Phase II park construction improvements, but it was more efficient and cost effective to complete the demolition now during the current Phase I construction. The demolition was paid for by Phase II funding.

Phase II Labyrinth Construction Begins
The Phase II improvements at Rocky Run include the restroom replacement, accessibility improvements at the upper park area, and the installation of a labyrinth & healing garden in Barton Park. The labyrinth was formerly located at the Whitman-Walker clinic and was donated to Arlington County when the facility closed in 2009. In early October, a corps of volunteers in coordination with Arlington County staff began reconstructing the labyrinth in Barton Park just north of the community garden.

Please refer to the Rocky Run Phase II project website for more information.

Other News at Rocky Run Park
The "skateable" art feature previously designed in Phase I design development and planned for installation with the Phase II construction activities has been removed from the project. During the final drawing development of the art feature, it was determined that the artistic expression and functionality of the sculpture could not be effectively realized. That area will instead feature a sculpted lawn and shade trees.

Construction for the Phase I improvements began in late January 2013. The project remains on schedule with anticipated completion in early winter 2014.

The Phase II work will be completed in different phases and on different schedules:

  • Completion of the labyrinth construction is anticipated by the middle of November 2013. Planting will be coordinated with volunteers and take place in spring 2014.
  • Architectural drawings for the replacement restrooms will soon be in permit review. Construction of the new restroom is expected to begin in early 2014.
  • The remaining Phase II improvements are expected to begin construction in summer 2014.

Towers Park Plan (click to enlarge)
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Project: Towers Park - Replacement of the Courts and Site Improvements

Location: 801 South Scott Street, Arlington, Virginia 22204

Contacts: Robert E. Capper, 703-228-3337; Jeff Marlow, 703-228-0737

Funding: 2012 Pay-As-You-Go Parks Maintenance Capital Program.

Status: Under Construction

Start Date: September 2013

End Date: Spring 2014

Description: Reconstruction of the courts at Towers Park will begin soon. The work is part of the County Maintenance Capital Program. The areas in the park to be reconstructed are the basketball court, the tennis courts, the practice court and the picnic shelter. In order to brings these facilities up to current Park design standards and to provide accessibility as required by ADA, the courts will be fully replaced, new lighting complying with Dark Sky regulations will be installed, small improvements will be made to the dog areas, paths will be provided to all the renovated facilities, minor modifications will be made to the parking lot and site drainage will be improved. New site furnishings, a portable restroom shelter and landscaping will be included.

Woodstock Park
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Project: Woodstock Park - Playground Re-Design and Basketball Court Renovation

Location: 2049 North Woodstock Street, Arlington, VA 22207

Contact: Aaron Wohler, 703-228-7928

Funding: Parks Maintenance Capital

Status: In Design

Start Date: Spring 2012

End Date: Spring 2014

Description: A kickoff presentation outlining the design development phase of the park was held at the Waverly Hills Civic Association General Meeting (Glebe Elementary School Multi-purpose Room) on June 13, 2012 at 7:30pm.

Funds were allocated to re-design the existing playground, as well as renovate the existing basketball court at Woodstock Park. Playground equipment, playground surfacing, pedestrian circulation (including ADA accessibility) and site furnishings are among the major project components and goals.

A Community Design Group was formed and two meetings were held on 7/18/12 and 9/11/12. A Conceptual Design was developed with input from the Design Group and a Final Conceptual Design (PDF) was presented and approved at the Waverly Hills Civic Association General Meeting (Glebe Elementary School Multi-purpose Room) on November 14, 2012.

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