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The Department of Parks and Recreation is developing master plans for the following parks and sites.

Reeves Historic Farmhouse | Gateway Park | Four Mile Run Trail Feasibility Study | Four Mile Run Restoration Project | Arlington Boulevard Improvement Project | Arlington County's Lustron Houses: Preservation Efforts

Reeves Farmhouse
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Project: Reeves Historic Farmhouse

Location: 400 N. Manchester Street within Bluemont Park

Contact: Diane Probus, 703-228-0787

County Issues Request for Interest!

Additional Walk-Through of Reeves Farmhouse Scheduled for March 8 at 10:00am! See details below. (The Department of Parks and Recreation will cancel the walk-through tomorrow morning if the Arlington County School System is delayed or closed.  Please check their website.)

Arlington County is seeking preliminary, informal ideas for the adaptive reuse of the Reeves Historic Farmhouse and its detached garage through a Request for Interest (RFI).  At its location within Bluemont Park, the farmhouse overlooks an open-play field and a stream. The goal of the RFI is to encourage interested parties to propose a range of options for the site.  Successful ideas will include The RFI is due on March 11, 2013 and should describe the goals for the site and ideas to fund these goals. The RFI also requires details about proposed programming (if programming is included in the proposal). Following the RFI close date, an interagency panel will evaluate the proposals and provide to the County Manager with recommendations on which proposals should be investigated further.

Future uses of the farmhouse could include a public or private facility, such as an educational center, museum, community center, or art gallery, or a single family home. All uses must maintain the historic qualities of the site, and must be compatible with the adjacent neighborhood and public park.

Please see the Request for Interest Document (PDF) if interested in submitting an idea!

Please see the Question/County Response Sheet (PDF) for additional information from questions received during the Request for Interest submission period.

Reeves Farmhouse Tour - Friday, March 8, 2013

  • Who May Participate? All parties interested in submitting an adaptive reuse idea who have not participated in previous farmhouse tours
  • Time: 10:00 – 10:30am
  • Meet: At Reeves farmhouse, 400 N. Manchester Street, Arlington, VA 22203
  • Parking: Parking lot at adjacent Bluemont Park
  • Please review the RFI document to see requirements for touring the farmhouse (waiver, appropriate shoes, hard hat requirement, etc.)

More information: Farmhouse studies, historic preservation links and documents from the public process to date

Gateway Park Master Plan - click to enlarge
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Project: Gateway Park

Location: 1300 Lee Highway

Contacts: Scott McPartlin, 703-228-0929

Description: In late 2010, the County Board directed staff to consolidate the efforts in Rosslyn into a single Sector Plan Update. This effort will include a vision for Gateway Park. The two preliminary Gateway Park concepts will serve as a foundation of this process. In addition, we will broaden the planning to focus on how the park connects to the rest of Rosslyn by looking at issues such as access, visibility, and integration with N. Moore Street. Also, as part of this process, other open space opportunities that fit within a cohesive network of public spaces will be explored. The park master planning process is anticipated to begin after the Sector Plan Update is adopted.

More information about Gateway Park Master Plan

Four Mile Run Trail Feasibility Study (Thumbnail)

Project: Four Mile Run Trail Feasibility Study

Location: Four Mile Run between George Mason Drive and Columbia Pike

Contacts: Christine Simpson, 703-228-3339
Block Representative John Kirkpatrick

Description: The study determined the feasibility of constructing a paved pedestrian/bicycle trail to provide an improved connection between the existing Four Mile Run Bike Trail network and the Columbia Forest neighborhood. While the study indicated that the project was feasible in terms of constructability, members of the community had concerns over the safety of the trail and the Columbia Forest Civic Association voted not to proceed with the project. View the Four Mile Run Trail Feasibility Study (2.4MB)

Four Mile Run Rendering

Project: Four Mile Run Restoration Project

Location: Four Mile Run (Lower Portion - From Potomac River to I-395)

Contact: Scott McPartlin, 703-228-0929

Description: View the Four Mile Run Restoration Final Master Plan

More information about the Four Mile Run project

Route 50 at Fillmore

Project: Arlington Boulevard Improvement Project

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: Erik Beach, 703-228-3318

Description: The Arlington Boulevard Improvement Project consists of three distinct parts: the September 11th Memorial Grove, Arlington Boulevard Design Guidelines and the VDOT Interchange project at 10th Street North and North Courthouse Road. In September 2005, Arlington County contracted with RTKL, Inc., an internationally renowned design consultant, to develop plans for these projects. 

More information about the Arlington Boulevard project

Lustron House

Project: Arlington County's Lustron Houses: Preservation Efforts

Location: Various locations

Contact: Scott McPartlin, 703-228-0929

Description: Because of their small size and unusual construction, Lustrons are at great risk for redevelopment and are becomingly increasingly rare. This is especially true in Arlington County, due to the increasingly high value of the lots on which they are located. Arlington County originally boasted eleven, which was the second highest number in Virginia, as well as the largest quantity in the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. region. Today, only six Lustrons survive in Arlington County – five remain intact on their original lots, with the Krowne Lustron House already disassembled and stored in a portable trailer and awaiting reassembly.

More information about Lustron Houses

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