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The Snag is the quarterly publication of public programs offered by the Conservation & Interpretation Section: Gulf Branch Nature Center, Long Branch Nature Center, and the Park Ranger Unit.

Welcome to the new version of The Snag. We've update our online and print version of The Snag. Now no matter how you view The Snag, it will look the same. It is even better with on our online version. Each program number is a hyperlink; when you click the link, it will take you to registration and allow you to register for that program immediately.

  • Registration open and links will work starting on February 11, 2014.

Current Issue - Spring 2014

The Snag Spring 2014

Previous Issue - Winter 2013-14

The Snag Winter 2013-14

To Register

Most of the programs listed in The Snag require advance registration through our Registration Office. However, some programs do not require registration and a few require registration directly with the program site. Please see the individual program descriptions for instructions. There are three ways to register for programs that list a program number at the end of the program description:

Group Tours

Programs listed in The Snag are for individuals and families. To schedule a naturalist-led program for your group at one of the nature centers or a historian-led program at Fort C.F. Smith Park, or to schedule a group self-guided tour of the nature center exhibits or the historic site at Fort C.F. Smith Park, please contact the site directly for details.

  • Gulf Branch Nature Center 703-228-3403
  • Long Branch Nature Center 703-228-6535
  • 703-243-4342

Arlington County can provide upon request reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities. Questions about access and inclusion should be directed to the Therapeutic Recreation Office at 703-228-4740 or TTY 703-228-4743. Likewise, Arlington County does not want fees to be a barrier for those who participate in County classes, camps or programs. Call 703-228-4747 to learn how to qualify for reduced fees.

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