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Community Garden Program


Whether you live in an apartment or condominium or have a yard that just won't support plantings, Arlington's Community Garden Program provides a wonderful opportunity to let your garden grow!

community gardenFees: The Arlington County Board has set a base rate for community garden rentals at $60 (with water) and $50 (without water) for full plots, $30 and $25, respectively, for half plots. The monies collected from the rental fees offset County costs for fence and water system repairs as well as maintenance.

A surcharge is added by each community gardening association as part of their dues to cover additional expenses (water, mulch, locks, etc.). Each association handles these differently, and some may assess a "new gardener" fee in the form of a security deposit. Costs may range accordingly.

several pots full of veggiesOrganization: The garden sites are organized as individual associations with their own set of by-laws; however, County regulations supersede all garden association regulations. Each association has a Chief Gardener and who is responsible for assigning plots as they become available and for collecting all related fees. 

Availability: Because of exceedingly high demand for garden plots, particularly in the Metro-accessible area of Arlington, waiting lists for many of the gardens are very long. For this reason, half plots are assigned to new gardeners; you may ask for a whole plot after gardening in good stead, but assignments are at the discretion of the Chief Gardener and/or the governing committee of each garden association. Names are retained from one year to the next on all waiting lists, so you do not need to reapply each year.


Locations: There are eight garden sites, seven of which have access to water and the total number of garden plots is just over 200. The garden locations are -

Fort BarnardFort Barnard1601 Key BlvdS 9th and S BuchananS 9th and RolfeN Barton and N 10thS Glebe and S LangS Glebe and S LangS Four Mile RunN Harrison


  • S. Four Mile Run Drive along the Bike Trail
  • S. 9th Street and S. Buchanan along the Bike Trail
  • Fort Barnard (S. Walter Reed Drive & Pollard Street)
  • S. Glebe and S. Lang Streets
  • N. Barton and N. 10th Streets
  • S. 9th Street and Rolfe Streets
  • N. Harrison Street (near Chestnut Hill Park)
  • 1601 Key Blvd.

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How to Apply:
To be eligible to apply for a garden plot you must be an Arlington County resident and plots are limited to one per family unit. Review the Community Garden Rules (58KB PDF) and Application Guidelines (20KB PDF)  and fill out an Application Form (25KB PDF) or contact the Horticulture Technician, by phone at 703-228-6426 for an application and more information on garden plots.

Setting Up a Community Garden for Your Organization:
Community gardens are areas of unused open space where neighbors gather to collectively manage and care for a piece of land. These areas serve as a way for urban residents to grow their own fruits and vegetables, and to interact with both the environment and their neighbors.

Starting a Garden: Basic tips to begin a community garden.
Healthy Recipes & Nutrition Tips: Healthy and easy recipes to use your garden produce throughout the seasons. You also find basic nutrition information and grocery shopping tips for busy families in this section.
Benefits of Community Gardens: Information on the benefits of gardens to residential areas and community members.


For gardening tips and information about gardening, please visit the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service site.

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