Department of Parks and Recreation

Frequently Asked Questions


Are there facilities that are available to rent? How do you make a reservation?
Yes! Please visit our Facilities Rental page for information about all the different venues available for rental. If you have additional questions or need help making a reservation, please contact the Facilities Scheduling Unit (703-228-1805).

I'm having trouble registering online for a class or camp. Who do I contact for help?
Please contact the Registration Office (703-228-4747).

How do I get on the mailing list for the class catalog, summer camp catalog, or Cultural Events?

What is the Federal Tax ID Number to use when ;registering?

How can I find an employee's phone number?
Please call 703-228-3000.

Whom do I call about maintenance issues at:

  • Community Canine Areas (CCAs): Handlers are responsible for the removal and disposal of dog waste from the CCA and disposing of it in a proper manner. For other maintenance concerns in these community canine areas please call 703-228-6523.
  • Public Parks, Open Space Areas and Park Shelters: Please call the 24-hour maintenance hotline at 703-228-6525 to report problems such as safety concerns, fallen trees, facility hazards, playground damage, graffiti or vandalism.

You may also contact the Parks & Natural Resources Division.

Who should I call about a fallen tree?

  • Call the Emergency Communications Center (ECC) at 703-558-2222 for after-hours emergencies to clear fallen trees or branches blocking streets or for downed power lines.
  • Call Dominion Power at 1-888-667-3000 for concerns about power lines threatened by trees or branches.
  • Call Virginia Department of Transportation at 1-703-383-VDOT (8368) for hazardous trees or branches over State roads.
  • Call the DPR Forestry Maintenance Supervisor at 703-228-6527 for hazardous tree or hazardous branch removal involving trees on Arlington County property; for general maintenance of trees on Arlington County property; or for trees or branches have fallen on Arlington County property.

Where can I find a listing of recreation center phone numbers?
Visit the Community Centers page to find out more information about our centers.

Where can I see the job opportunities available with DPR?
For permanent employment, contact the Human Resources Department at 703-228-3500 or visit our DPR Employment page for details about permanent, temporary and seasonal employment.

What amenities does each park offer?
The County has 1,296 acres of public spaces including 377 acres managed by Arlington Public Schools. These facilities include parks, community and nature centers, swimming pools, athletic fields and courts, playgrounds, cultural facilities and public art, community canine areas, picnic areas, school grounds and more. Each park location has its own unique setting with a variety of features and amenities. Come out and enjoy one of Arlington's beautiful parks today!

How can I found out about cancellations due to weather?
Please visit the Weather Cancellations page to find out the latest information about weather related closing, delays and cancellations.

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