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The primary goals of programs in the Child and Family Services Division are to prevent abuse, neglect, or exploitation of children, and to promote the self-sufficiency of families by providing services that preserve and strengthen families and ensure the health, safety, and well-being of Arlington's children.

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Child Placements (Adoption, Foster Care) :: 703-228-1550
The adoption program serves people who wish to place their child for adoption, people who want to adopt children who are in the custody of Arlington County and people who were adopted through Arlington County and desire information about their adoption. Foster care is a temporary living arrangement providing care and parenting for children who can no longer live in their homes because of abuse, neglect or other severe family problems. Social workers help families resolve problems so that their children can return home without further incidence of abuse or neglect.

Child Abuse and Neglect, Child Protective Services :: 703-228-1500     
A range of services protect the safety of children, reduce the incidence and recurrence of child abuse and neglect, help children and families recover from the trauma of child abuse and neglect, and prevent unnecessary out-of-home placements of children. Social workers validate, investigate and assess reports of child abuse and neglect in accordance with state statutes.  Do you know the signs of child abuse?

Child Care Information :: 703-228-1685
Child Day Care Services ensure the health, safety and welfare of children in child care facilities and assist parents in becoming self-sufficient by subsidizing the cost of child care services for eligible persons who are employed or in training which leads to employment. The Child Care Office licenses day care facilities; monitors their compliance with local child care ordinances, state standards, and regulations ( Arlington Child Care Center Regulation & Family Day Home Regulation); and provides education and training for providers of child care. The Child Care Office maintains directories of child day care centers and family day care providers. You can also order these directories by calling 703-228-1685.

Parent Education Coordination :: 703-228-1550
Provides parent education resources and opportunities including parenting classes in English and in Spanish at various county locations. The program promotes appropriate parenting practices which result in healthy children and families.

Comprehensive Services for At-Risk Youth :: 703-228-1550
This program, which is mandated by state law, prevents adverse consequences from the inappropriate care of young people, including youth from dysfunctional families and youth with severe emotional and behavioral problems. The program provides services to strengthen the family and, when necessary, to provide care for children outside their homes.

Child & Family Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services :: 703-228-1560
Child and Family Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Services promote the emotional and psychological well-being of Arlington County youth and families. We provide services to children, teens and their families to prevent mental health and substance abuse problems from developing or becoming more serious.  We assist your child or teen in overcoming problem thoughts, feelings and behaviors that interfere with daily life, and we help to develop skills for healthy living. 

Behavior Intervention Services :: 703-228-1550
Prevents the need for a more restrictive program or out-of-home placement for children requiring behavior management services. Specialists educate and train the parent or care provider on behavioral management techniques that address behaviors of concern such as self-injurious behavior, aggression, non-compliance and tantrums.

Substance Abuse Prevention Services :: 703-228-1550
This school-based program prevents the development of alcohol and drug problems in youth by providing an array of services to students, parents and teachers. These services include educational activities, linkages to treatment services and staff/parent consultation and training.

Substance Abuse Treatment Services :: 703-228-1550
The program provides intervention for children whose parents or caregivers are substance abusers or who are substance abusers themselves. For details, see Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Services, above.

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