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    What is the Elder Readiness Plan?
As baby boomers age, the number of elders in Arlington will more than double.  The Elder Readiness Plan is a blueprint for an inclusive, livable community that will be ready to meet the increased needs of the elder population expected over the next 25 years.

[All documents accessible below are in PDF Format .]



Updated Arlington Demographic Maps - 2010 Census     
A. Demographic Information Maps, 65+ by Race  (2MB)
    B. Block Groups with more than 99 Persons Age 75+ (417KB)

5-Year Update on Elder Readiness Task Force Recommendations - 3/1/2012 (190KB): Summary report on the progress made in 5 years on the Elder Readiness Task Force Recommendations.

Georgetown Public Policy Institute Review of Elder Readiness Implementation Plan for Housing and Next Steps (231KB): The status and next steps proposed by three Master of Public Policy candidates at Georgetown University based on their winter 2010-2011 review of the recommendations in the "Goal: Provide Affordable, Appropriate, and Accessible Housing Options" section of the 2007 Elder Readiness Implementation Plan. 



Elder Readiness Implementation Plan (74KB): County's plan for implementing changes recommended by the Elder Readiness Task Force.


Elder Readiness Plan Summary (315KB): This 2-page summary of the Plan provides an overview of the Plan, including the Plan's vision, its priority recommendations, and data on the elder population.


Elder Readiness Plan: Part I - Task Force Report  (141KB): The Report articulates the Plan's vision, details its priority recommendations, and provides data on the elder population.


    Maps for Appendix B: Demographic Profile of Elders in Arlington 
        A: Population age 65-74  (147KB)
        B: Population age 75 and over   (147KB)
        C: Block Groups with more than 99 people age 75 and over  (158KB)
        D: Population age 65 and over living alone  (147KB)
        E: Population age 85 and over living alone  (157KB) 


Elder Readiness Plan: Part II - Task Force Recommendations  (133KB): The recommendations address four major areas: housing, transportation, supportive services/health care, and community involvement.  The plan lists goals, strategies, outcome measures, responsible parties and timing.

Elder Readiness Task Force: The County Board charged (24KB) Task Force members, the plan’s authors, with assessing County readiness to meet the changing needs of a growing elder population.  The County Board chose the members (11KB) of the Elder Readiness Task Force to ensure broad representation of community interests and elder issues expertise.

For more information, contact the Agency on Aging at (703) 228-1700, TTY (703) 228-1788, or send an e-mail  arlaaa (at)

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