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The Arlington StormwaterWise Landscapes Program provides County residents and business owners with funding to install small-scale practices that will reduce stormwater runoff from their property. Through a lottery system, 40 applicants will be selected for the program pilot in 2012. County staff will conduct a stormwater assessment of each program participant’s property. Participants will receive a written report with a property map, a list of site-specific recommendations for reducing stormwater runoff, and appropriate references as needed. The Arlington StormwaterWise Landscapes Program is made possible through a partnership between Arlington County and the Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment (ACE).

February 1, 2012 StormwaterWise Webinar

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Responses to additional questions received

Why Should You Be StormwaterWise?

Do you have runoff problems on your property? Have you considered installing a rain garden or pervious pavers, but wished you had some advice and funds to support the project? Do you want to help protect Arlington’s streams and the Chesapeake Bay? Then the new StormwaterWise Landscapes Program may be for you!  

Stormwater is rainfall that runs off roads, rooftops, and driveways. Stormwater carries pollutants such as oil, bacteria from pet waste, sediment, and lawn chemicals to our local streams. Installing practices on your property that collect or slow down stormwater, and allow it to soak into the ground, keep pollutants out of Arlington’s streams.  

Applicant Qualifications

Applicants must: 

  • Own private residential or commercial property* in Arlington County. HOA property owners are eligible to apply with written approval from their HOA board.
  • Be willing to implement at least 1 stormwater reduction recommendation from their stormwater assessment.
  • Be willing to be featured in a case study for the program or similar outreach initiative.

*For large properties (>1 acre), a portion of the property will be selected for assessment in consultation with County staff.

Program Timeline

January 13 - February 29, 2012Applications will be accepted. The application period has closed.
February 1, 2012StormwaterWise Landscape Webcast - archived here.
March, 2012Program participants selected and notified.
March - May, 2012County staff conduct stormwater assessments for each participant's property.
June 1 - December 30, 2012County staff inspect installed practices. Property owners do not have to be present if the practice is easily accessible.
December 1, 2012Deadline for completed installation of all StormwaterWise practices that will be reimbursed.

How to Apply

Fill out the online application form. Only complete applications will be considered for the program. Before starting your application, make sure that you have the following information in addition to your basic contact information:

  • Size of your property
  • Age of the building on the property
  • Types and square footage of impervious surfaces on the property
  • Stormwater issues that are on the property 

County staff will let applicants know if they have been selected via e-mail in March. 

Program Reimbursements

Funding is available for the six practices listed below. Program participants will reimbursed up to 50% of the installation cost, or a pre-determined amount for each practice, which ever is less. Each participant is eligible for up to a maximum reimbursement of $1,000.

For example, the program will reimburse 50%, up to $500, for a cistern. If a homeowner purchases a cistern for a total cost of $500, the County will reimburse the homeowner $250. If another homeowner purchases a different cistern that costs $1,500, the program will reimburse $500.

A homeowner may wish to install multiple practices on their property, such as a rain garden, pervious pavers, and a cistern. While all three practices are eligible for the program, the total, maximum reimbursement that the homeowner could receive is $1,000.

Reimbursement FAQ 


To be reimbursed:

1. After the practice(s) is installed, inform County staff that the practice(s) is ready to be inspected.

2. County staff will visit the homeowner's property to ensure that the practice(s) is properly installed. 

2. Following inspection, the County will send an e-mail indicating approval of the installed practice(s) or will indicate any necessary changes.

3. After receiving County approval, the homeowner will submit receipts to ACE for reimbursement with a fully completed reimbursement form. Please read the reimbursement FAQ before submitting your receipts.

4. A reimbursement check for the installed practices (based on the practice-specific funding guidelines) will be issued by ACE within eight weeks. 

Accepted applicants may have their project featured in an Arlington County case study.

StormwaterWise Approved Landscape Practices

The six practices listed below are eligible for the reimbursement program. The name of each practice is linked to a fact sheet. A contractor list has been created to help program participants connect with professionals that have experience with these practices. StormwaterWise participants do not have to use a contractor from this list. Participants are also encouraged to get quotes from several contractors before choosing one.

StormwaterWise-supported practices Learn more about the practices


Average cost: $300-$2,000 each

Program reimbursement: 50% of project cost up to $500


NC Cooperative Extension Cistern Fact Sheet 


Conservation Landscapes*

*Must cover a minimum of 150 square feet. Conversion of lawn or non-native invasives to conservation landscapes

Average cost: $5-$15/square foot

Program reimbursement: 50% of the project cost up to $500


Chesapeake Bay Watershed-friendly Landscaping

Native Plants for Conservation, Restoration and Landscaping

Green Springs Gardens

Audubon at Home Program

Mulch is available from Arlington County

How to Conduct a Soil Test

Native Plant Nurseries and Spring 2012 Sales

Reimbursement FAQ pertaining to plant purchases

Green Roofs*

*Must cover a minimum 150 square feet.

Average cost: $20-$30/square foot

Program reimbursement: 50% of the project cost up to $1,000


Green Roof Resources

Infiltration trenches (an underground gravel storage area for water) and dry wells

Average cost: $5-$10/square foot

Program reimbursement: 50% of the project cost up to $500


EPA Infiltration Trench Fact Sheet 

Metro Council's Infiltration Trench Fact Sheet

Maine DEP Dry Well Fact Sheet

Portland Oregon Dry Well Fact Sheet

How to Conduct a Soil Test

Pervious pavers or concrete (applicable for driveways, walkways & patios)*

*Cost reimbursement applies to pavement removal and pervious surface installation

Average cost: $10-$20/square foot

Program reimbursement: 50% of the project cost up to $1,000


Pervious Paver Installers

Permeable Pavers

Pervious Concrete

Interlocking Grids with Gravel or Turf

Permeable Paver Fact Sheet

How to Conduct a Soil Test

Pervious Pavers & Concrete FAQ

Rain gardens

Average cost: $10-$25/square foot

Program reimbursement: 50% of the project cost up to $1,000


Rain Garden Design and Construction for Northern Va (PDF) 

Va Cooperative Extension Rain Garden Plant List

Mulch is available from Arlington County

How to Conduct a Soil Test

Native Plant Nurseries and Spring 2012 Sales

Reimbursement FAQ pertaining to plant purchases

Additional Resources 

Waterproof Membranes

Impermeable Liners



In addition to the practices described above that qualify for the reimbursement program, there are several other programs that assist homeowners with installing other runoff-reducing practices. The rain barrel and tree planting programs offer reduced-cost options. The name of each practice below is linked to a fact sheet.


Other stormwater-reducing practices that are supported by other programs Learn more about the practices
Downspout Redirection


Video: How to Disconnect a Downspout

Rain BarrelNorthern Virginia Rain Barrel Program
Tree Planting

Arlington Public Tree Planting Program

Arlington Trees for Residents Program

ACE Tree Canopy Fund

Mulch is available from Arlington County


Please direct questions about the program to Aileen Winquist, Jennifer McDonnell, or Christin Jolicoeur.

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