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Vanessa Coles

Bureau Chief, Operations

Training & Career Development Coordinator

Vanessa Coles began her career with the Arlington County, Virginia Emergency Communications Center (ECC) in April 1988.  Vanessa served as a shift trainer and Shift Supervisor.  She received her Department of Criminal Justice Services Instructor Certification at the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy early in her career which afforded her the opportunity to become more involved in training others throughout the Northern Virginia area.   

Vanessa's current instructor certifications include VCIN instructor and the Department of Criminal Justice Services General instructor; in addition she is a certified Crisis Intervention Team member and instructor (dealing with the handling of calls for the mentally challenged).  She is a certified Emergency Medical Dispatcher and is certified in Critical Incident Stress Management.  .  Vanessa has also attended numerous other training courses including Project Management, Time Management, Conflict Management, and Coaching/Managing Performance.  Most recently she attended and graduated from Mid-Level Manager’s Cohort 4, a nationally recognized leadership develop course. 

Vanessa Coles has received several awards and letters of commendation throughout her career, including Arlington County Principles of Government Service Awards for High Quality Service and Teamwork, Northern Virginia Tele-communicator awards for Positive Attitude and Leadership, Supervisor of the year, and the Commander's Award of Excellence.  Her current assignment is Bureau Chief of Operations in the Emergency Communications Center. 

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