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USS Arlington Commissioning Committee


USS Arlington Commissioning Committee

The USS Arlington Commissioning Committee is a group of volunteers whose mission is to:

  • Make the residents of Arlington County, the Commonwealth of Virginia and citizens of the United States aware of the USS Arlington and its importance to the United States Navy;
  • Coordinate and utilize Arlington County government and community resources in support of the commissioning of the USS Arlington and her entrance into the fleet of the United States Navy;
  • Finance, arrange and support appropriate events and activities during Commissioning Week to honor the USS Arlington, her crew and their families; and
  • Raise funds to establish the USS Arlington Foundation for the ongoing benefit of the ship’s crew and their families.

Get Involved!  To see how you can assist the Committee and support the USS Arlington and her crew, please visit the ARLINGTON (LPD 24) Commissioning Committee website. Once the ship is formally commissioned, the committee will transition to the USS Arlington (LPD 24) Liaison Committee. 

USS Arlington Commissioning CommitteeThe USS Arlington Commissioning Committee

The Arlington County Board appointed the following members to the Commissioning Committee:

  • Steve Abbot - retired four-star Admiral (U.S. Navy), former Homeland Security Advisor
  • Ken Cox - Skipper of the USS Arlington AGMR-2 Association
  • Lt. Bill Dickinson – served on a previous USS Arlington ship
  • Rosemary Dillard - whose husband was killed in the Pentagon on 9/11
  • Lisa Dolan - whose husband, Navy Captain Bob Dolan, was killed at the Pentagon on 9/11
  • Admiral John Foley – Vice President, Business Development/Strategic Planning, Northrup Grumman
  • Admiral Mack Gaston – National Capital Counsel, Navy League
  • Nancy Gorell – President of the No. Va. Council of the Navy League
  • Chief Wilbur R. Gray – Arlington County Fire Department Battalion Chief
  • Pat Hymel Lipinski – whose husband was killed in the Pentagon on 9/11 and former principal at Arlington's Hoffman-Boston Elementary School
  • John Panneton – Navy League National President, who has commissioned more than a dozen U.S. Navy ships, including three aircraft carriers;
  • Captain Kevin Reardon – Arlington Police Department 2nd District Commander, and chairman of the Arlington Police Benevolent Association 9/11 Fund
  • Timothy Reese – nominated by U.S. Senator Jim Webb, founder and co-chair of the Arlington County Fire 9/11 Scholarship Fund
  • Frank Shafroth – former Chief of Staff, Cong. Jim Moran and former Arlington County staff
  • Rodney White – Arlington County Fire Department firefighter/paramedic
  • Grayson Winterling – nominated by Sen. John Warner, served 22 years as an officer in the United States Army, serving in four infantry divisions with tours of duty of Vietnam and Korea
  • Admiral Stansfield Turner – former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

The photograph above was taken at the Sept. 11, 2008 ceremony during which the Secretary of the Navy presented to Arlington steel debris from the Pentagon 9-11 crash site. The steel will be displayed in the USS Arlington. 

(L to R): Delegate Al Eisenberg, Delegate Robert Brink, Grayson Winterling, Senator Mary Margaret Whipple, Lt. Bill Dickinson (USN, Retired), Admiral Mack Gaston (USN, Retired), Board Member Mary Hynes, Admiral Stansfield Turner (USN, Retired), Board Member Christopher Zimmerman, Chairman Walter Tejada, Captain Kevin Reardon, Timothy Reese, Marion Turner, County Manager Ron Carlee, Board Member Barbara Favola, Nancy Gorell.


"Our community will never forget the tragic events of September 11th. The USS Arlington will stand as a living tribute to those brave men and women who risked their lives to save others and we are grateful to the Commissioning Committee for their leadership."
-- Paul Ferguson, Chairman of the Arlington County Board, 2007


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