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Download the "Customer Advocate - Questions & Answers" brochure. (116.5K PDF format).

The Customer Advocate assists customers in resolving problems with the Commissioner of Revenue. Customers will receive an independent review of their tax situation. The Customer Advocate will also recommend departmental changes while promoting and upholding the Commissioner’s mission of fair and equitable application of the tax laws. The Customer Advocate responds to all requests for help, listens to your problem, examines your situation, reviews office records and discusses your complaint with you. If you need a person to assist you, or if the office is unresponsive, the Customer Advocate can step in to help. Sometimes the help might be simply to connect you with the right person in the office’s appropriate division. You will always receive the highest possible level of service.


In anticipation of storm damage that could potentially effect Arlington residents, the Commissioner of Revenue is issuing a reminder of a service provided by her office:

Don’t Be Swindled by Dishonest Contractors and Vendors. Considering hiring a contractor in Arlington? The Commissioner of Revenue’s Customer Advocate can help you ensure that the contractor you are considering is complying with the County’s legal requirements.

The Customer Advocate has direct access to the appropriate State and County records and can save you from having to spend hours online or on the telephone. You can quickly find out if a contractor has a business license with the County, or a state contractors’ license with Virginia. You can learn whether the door-to-door vendor who offers to trim your trees or make home repairs has a vendor’s permit from the Arlington County Police Department. Just call or email the Customer Advocate for information that can help protect you from fraud. There is no charge for this service.

Of course, knowing that contractors and vendors are in compliance with the law does not guarantee the quality of their work. But it is a first step in determining their level of responsibility. It’s always a good idea to use referrals and get references before hiring anyone.

To contact the Commissioner’s Customer Advocate, call 703-228-4810 or email


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