Planning Studies Underway


The following planning efforts are currently being coordinated by the Planning Division.

REALIZE Rosslyn: Rosslyn Sector Plan Update
The County is actively engaged in a community planning effort to refine the future vision and planning and implementation framework to help Rosslyn reach its full potential. Visit the project website.

Courthouse Square Planning and Urban Design Study
This study will develop a refined vision for the Courthouse Square Study area, culminating in a highly-illustrative concept plan to provide planning and urban design guidance for future development.  The end product will serve as a Sector Plan Update to the Courthouse Sector Plan Addendum of 1993.

The study will focus on the arrangement and use of public spaces, the incorporation of new buildings and an architectural vocabulary, a cohesive multimodal circulation network, and sustainability and District Energy networks. Visit the project website

Western Rosslyn Area Planning Study

This study will engage the public to develop a Conceptual Plan and related policy recommendations that will guide future development. Visit the project website.

Last Modified: April 14, 2014
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