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Revitalization and Small Area Plans

The following documents are available from the Planning Division, Department of Community Planning, Housing, and Development, Suite 608, 2100 Clarendon Blvd., 703-228-3525.

Columbia Pike Initiative:
The Columbia Pike Initiative was launched by the County Board in 1998, to create a more competitive and vibrant Columbia Pike corridor.  The transformation of the 3.5 mile long Columbia Pike corridor into a revitalized, pedestrian-friendly Main Street for South Arlington is at the heart of this initiative: a place where people can live, work and play - a place that is the center of the community's social and economic life.  The commercial and residential diversity of the development along the Pike, coupled with the multi-ethnic character of its population, will serve as the foundation for the re-planned, revitalized corridor. more

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Lee Highway/Cherrydale Revitalization Plan:
A plan for the revitalization of the Cherrydale commercial area located along Lee Highway. This plan recommends developing a “village center” on Lee Highway that balances its residential and neighborhood shopping functions with its role as a major east-west arterial. The goal of this plan is to stimulate reinvestment in Cherrydale’s businesses and buildings through the implementation of several recommended strategies. The plan includes a concept plan, analysis of existing conditions, a demographic profile, land use and zoning recommendations, short-term and long-term urban design recommendations, design guidelines, transportation recommendations and an action plan (1994).

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North Quincy Street Plan:
A detailed plan for a large block, within the Ballston Metro Station area, which is planned to be bisected by the extension of North Quincy Street. The plan includes an analysis of existing conditions, a concept plan, land use recommendations, redevelopment guidelines, and interim urban design recommendation (1995).

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North Tract Area Plan Study (PDF Format):
Recommendations for parcels adjacent to the North Tract. The North Tract is a county owned parcel which is being developed with a Community Recreation Facility including indoor aquatics and exercise areas, and outdoor facilities including soccer fields and trails. The study includes a hierarchy of recommendations for land use of the adjacent parcels. The intent is to assure that the land uses adjacent to the North Tract would be complementary to and support recreational activities located there (2004). More information on the ongoing planning and design of the site are available on the Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources site.

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The Nauck Village Center Action Plan, will guide public and private investment to revitalize the neighborhood's commercial core. It also recommends guidelines and incentives in the areas of land use and zoning, housing, transportation and open space, among others, to help implement this vision. It is the first phase of a two-part study process for the larger Nauck, Shirlington Road , Four Mile Run area. more


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