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2006 Clarendon Sector Plan


The County Board approved the new Clarendon Sector Plan in several phases during 2006.  A series of 32 Policy Directives were adopted by the County Board in February 2006 which were later incorporated into the Clarendon Sector Plan – Part 1 as Policies.  Part 1 was adopted on June 10, 2006.  Part 2 (including an additional set of 14 Policies), updates to Part 1, and a preferred concept for new streets and open spaces in the western end of Clarendon were adopted at the December 9, 2006 County Board meeting. 

The Clarendon Sector Plan establishes a framework for development of the Clarendon area for the next 15 to 20 years. The Plan refines the vision of Clarendon as an “urban village” and provides 47 Policies to guide future development and redevelopment. The policies provide specific recommendations on density, receiving sites, use mix, building preservation, building heights, public spaces, transportation and parking.

Highlights include recommendations to:

  • Preserve Clarendon's historic buildings and facades, resulting in a varied
  • architectural composition with new density incentives;
  • Define a business district where new commercial, especially upper-story office, uses are desired;
  • Prescribe land uses for areas especially where new office uses are desired;
  • Reduce crosswalk distances, improving pedestrian mobility;
  • Obtain new streets to improve pedestrian and vehicular circulation to, through and around large blocks;
  • Reduce crosswalk distances, improving pedestrian mobility; and
  • Create new, in addition to improving existing, public open spaces.

The County Board also approved several modifications to the advertised Plan as outlined in the staff report (see below).  At this time, staff is incorporating these final modifications into the plan prior to the final printing (anticipated to be available in July 2007).  Both Parts 1 and 2 together will be the new Clarendon Sector Plan and will supersede the 1984 Sector Plan as amended by the 1990 Addendum.  The Plan, as adopted by the County Board, can be viewed through the following:

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