County Website Refresh

We’ve rolled out a new design and framework for the County website, making it simpler and more functional, no matter the device.

Specific Enhancements

Simplified homepage: Fewer navigation links to sort through as well as a prominent search box. Focused on making it easier to access to most-frequented content. 

Slimmed down overall content: Hundreds of pages and old documents eliminated, making it easier to search for what’s needed. Content reworked to be more scannable and concise (with bullets, subheads, buttons).

Mobile-friendly: Responds dynamically on tablets, phones, and desktop computer; adjusts layout/content based on the device. (Over a quarter of our web traffic now comes from mobile devices.)

Topically organized: Content more user-centric vs. department-centric, so you don’t have to know which department does what. For example:

New Features and Tools

Recycling lookup tool: Search to see if a particular item can be recycled.

Park lookup tool: Find locations based on the features you’re seeking.

Calendar events: Links to real-time transit data for the facility where the event is to be held.

Forms: More forms can now be submitted online — even on the go from your phone or tablet.

Buttons: Used more frequently and consistently to highlight important “action” items (like the one on this page).

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Project Background

The website overhaul started with reviewing user statistics of where people go on the website and the top tasks they come to do. The research also showed many people use the search tool. Usability testing was included in different phases of the project.

The new site is powered by WordPress, an open-source free content management system. It’s a flexible, versatile, and more cost-efficient system. For over two years, WordPress has powered the heavily-trafficked Arlington Public Library website as well as 15+ small County sites.