Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court

Court Services


Adult Unit

… investigates and supervises adults who come under the jurisdiction of the Court on matters relating to domestic violence, other intra-family criminal cases and cases of adult offenses against children. 

The Adult Unit seeks to protect and preserve the welfare of the family and the community by providing evaluation, treatment, and referral services for adult clients. Counselors conduct case investigations and evaluations, supervise probation, treatment coordination and monitor compliance with court orders, and arrange for violation hearings when there is non-compliance.


Intake Unit

…assists police officers and citizens who are seeking services from the Court and serves as the first point of contact for processing complaints through the Court system. Complaints involving children and families are received and processed in a manner that is in the interest of all concerned and that attempts to limit further involvement with the justice system. Follow this link for a description of the Juvenile Justice Process in Virginia.  This link provides a flowchart diagram of the process.

Intake Officers examine each complaint for probable cause, jurisdiction, and the possibility of court diversion to other court or County programs. Officers also handle cases informally, using a diversion process when appropriate. Diversion usually takes the form of an informal hearing.

If you think you need protection, a Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court may issue a Family Abuse Protective Order to help keep a victim of family abuse safe from further acts of violence.  For help preparing forms for a Family Abuse Protective Order in Virginia, follow this link: Assistance with Family Abuse Protective Orders.


Juvenile Unit

…investigates and supervises all matters involving children who are younger than 18 or who have committed offenses prior to turning 18. Investigation services are provided in the following types of cases: delinquency, Children in Need of Services, Children in Need of Supervision, emancipation petitions, transfers of juveniles to Circuit Court, requests for studies by other jurisdictions, child custody, and visitation matters.

Supervision services are provided in probation and parole cases (delinquent) and in Children in Need of Services cases (non-delinquent). The Juvenile Unit monitors cases for compliance with certain conditions mandated by the Court, such as restitution or community service, in situations where no formal supervision status is prescribed.

Juvenile probation counselors prepare, document, refer and coordinate client services. They visit clients at the detention centers, Sheltercare, schools, homes, state correctional facilities and residential placements. Staff attend interagency planning meetings, parent-teacher meetings, and case staffings.

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