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Public Health: MAPP (Mobilizing for Action though Planning and Partnerships)


  Introduction to MAPP


"What is MAPP?

Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) is a community-wide strategic planning tool for improving community health.  Facilitated by public health leadership, this tool helps communities prioritize public health issues and identify resources for addressing them.

MAPP includes two graphics that illustrate the process communities will undertake.

  • In the MAPP model, the "phases" of the MAPP process are shown in the center of the model, while the four MAPP Assessments are shown in the four outer arrows.

  • In the illustrated "community roadmap," the process is shown moving along a road  that leads to "a healthier community." ...More>


  MAPP Steering Committee (pdf Format)

  MAPP Timeline:

Please click on the 18-month Timeline (pdf Format) link to view the MAPP's timeline.

MAPP Process Phases:

  •   Organize for Success/Partnership Development:   To initiate the MAPP process, lead organizations in the community begin by organizing themselves and preparing to implement MAPP (Organize for Success/Partnership Development).  Community-wide strategic planning requires a high level of commitment from partners, stakeholders, and the community residents who are recruited to participate....More>>>

  •   MAPP Vision & Value Statement:  The second phase of the MAPP process is Visioning.  A shared vision and common values provide a framework for pursuing long-range community goals....More>>>

  •   Four MAPP Assessments:
  •   Identify Strategic Issues:  During this phase, participants identify linkages between the MAPP assessments to determine the most critical issues that must be addressed for the community to achieve its vision....More>>>

  •   Formulate Goals and Strategies:  After issues have been identified, participants Formulate Goals and Strategies for addressing each issue....More>>>

  •   Action Cycle:  This is the final phase of MAPP.  During this phase, participants plan, implement, and evaluate.  These activities build upon one another in a continuous and interactive manner and ensure continued success"....More>>>


MAPP Field Guide (pdf format), MAPP Final Report (pdf format)

Watch MAPP Video

To learn more about PDF, please click the PDF and Acrobat Reader link.


Source: National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO)

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