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Traffic Signs Program




Traffic Signs Program



Traffic signs program
is responsible for the fabrication, installation, maintenance, and removal of all signs necessary to provide safe and orderly use of streets, biking/hiking trails, parking areas and walkways.


  • This section provides signing expertise and signs for street construction and maintenance projects, residential permit parking, neighborhood watch, handicap parking and drug free school zones.


  • Temporary signs for various special private and public activities are also supplied and installed.


photo of sign storageSigns ready to be installed.
Design, fabrication and installation services are rendered to other County departments (Parks, Recreation and Community Resources; Public Schools; Environmental Services; Office of Support Services; Police; Fire; etc.) for their special projects and events, such as the Adopt-A- Program and Recycling programs. E-mail: mbutts (at) arlingtonva.us
photo of sign computer
A new sign is created on the computer. The individual colors are separated and cut out of plastic material on a computer driven plotter/cutter.
photo of sign layout
The designer lays up the different color layers on the background layer.
photo of sign layout
The designer adds the red layer to the yellow layer on the background.
photo of completed sign


The completed sign.



A new type of sign for intersections where the police are operating photo enforcement cameras to help prevent serious accidents due to running of red lights.

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