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Rt. 50 - Arlington Boulevard Improvements

The Arlington Boulevard Public Forum

On the morning of June 1, 2002 more than 50 Arlington residents meet with County staff at the Thomas Jefferson Middle School to hold a discussion on the future of Arlington Boulevard. The program began with an introduction and overview of what the planning effort hoped to achieve. Two members of "Friends of Arlington Boulevard" Ms. Carrie Johnson and Ms. Terry Savela gave background on the development of Arlington Boulevard and directed the participants to think of "the big picture". County staff member Mr. Charlie Denney, then provided a slide presentation that contrasted images of the existing Arlington Boulevard with streets in other communities. Mr. Denney asked the question about what we wanted Arlington Boulevard to be.

Following the opening session, the participants went to one of six concurrently meeting working groups. Three of the work groups focused on geographical sections of the Arlington Boulevard and three addressed functional areas such as landscaping, trails and public art. Each group was facilitated by two County staff persons and addressed the same three basic questions. As time permitted, some groups went into greater detail in refining their ideas. After 40 minutes, the work group participants had the opportunity to move to another session and provide their input on another subject. A report from each work group is attached.

Following the second work group session, the entire body of participants reconvened for brief summaries from the facilitators for all six work groups. County staff concluded the program by outlining the next steps in the planning process. The Arlington Boulevard visioning process will continue with a review of the information gathered at the forum and through collected written surveys. The ideas will be evaluated and further refined by appropriate County advisory commissions and ad-hoc citizen work groups. Groups will focus on formulating a community vision for Arlington Boulevard and identifying short and medium-term improvement projects that will support the vision. The follow-up process is anticipated to take place primarily in the fall of 2002 and conclude with a report to the Arlington County Board and county citizens.

Group A Landscaping, Signage, and Street Lights

Group B: Trails, Bus Stops, Bicycle and Pedestrian Crossings

Group C: Public Art, Bridge Facades and Railings, Wall Treatments

Group D: Rosslyn to Pershing Drive (Fort Myer)

Group E: Pershing Drive to the Glebe Road Bridge

Group F: Arlington Boulevard from Glebe Road to the Fairfax County line


Rt. 50 - Arlington Boulevard Improvements Map


.pdf logo Rt. 50 - Arlington Boulevard Improvement Map is available in Portable Document Format (PDF). Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print the map.


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