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Feb. 28: Best appetizer

Carlyle Grand: The blue crab fritters and Tex-Mex egg rolls at The Carlyle in Shirlington are two of my all-time favorite appetizers
- Rebecca

Restaurant Vero: No question, teh Rustic Tart at Restaurant Vero.
- Carol

Lebanese Taverna: The mezza at Lebanese Taverna in Westover are fabulous!
- Jeff

Bangkok 54: House Special Duck Rolls, Bangkok 54 on Columbia Pike
- Matthew

Tallulah Restaurant: The small plates at Tallulah restaurant on Washington Boulevard. In particular, their amazing Baby Burger made from hand-ground beef tenderloin!
- Kim

Cheesecake Factory: Fresh Raw Ahi Tuna Seasoned with Green Onions, Spicy Soy Sauce, Ginger & Garlic Wrapped in Nori and Flash Fried Tempura Style....these are absolutely fantastic...we never go there without ordering them!!
- Molly

Rhodeside Grill: My favorite appetizer is the shrimp and grits at the Rhodeside Grill.  Delicious!
- Nancy

Restaurant 3: The Bleu Cheese Chips at Restaurant 3 (Clarendon) are amazing.
- David

Minh's Vietnamese: The yam and shrimp appetizer at Minh's is pretty tasty!
- Helen

Matuba: Seaweed Salad from Matuba!
- Jane

Feb. 14: Favorite St. Paddy's spot

Four Courts: at Courthouse Metro. Hands down best.
- Jacqueline

Kitty O'Shea's:I found that the Quaint little Kitty O'Shea's has more of the fun, and not abrasive, Irish loving celebrants that've had one more than they needed on this special (green) day. (Not the rock band)
- Bill

 Jan. 31: Favorite Place for Latin American Food

La Union restaurant: On Wilson Blvd. — great mix of Mexican and Salvadoran dishes.
- Dede

La Cabana: On Walter Reed.
- Elizabeth

El Charrito: On Washington Blvd (Near Pershing, next to the 7-11).  The burritos are fantastic and the prices are great.  Carry out only. - Kevin

Abi’s: On Columbia Pike! - Jonathan

El Paso Cafe: On Pershing Dr., between Glebe and George Mason.
- Justin

La Union, El Paso, Abi: So many, so good! (though it's hard to beat Abi's pupusas!)
- Jennifer

El Pollo Rico: We are avid fans [in Virginia Square]. They excel at rotisserie chicken and fries. And the price is unbeatable. - Sandra

Mexicali Blues: In Clarendon. - Rich

El Rinconcito Latino: 303 N Glebe Road, Arlington, Va. Reminisce of a little dusty town anywhere in central or south America, limited English spoken and it’s even in a historic district! - Marlene

Jan. 17: Favorite Sunset Spot

Ballston: From inside my office building in Ballston, since I am usually stuck there at sunset time
- Rich

Arlington Blvd.: I like to watch the sunset traveling west on Arlington Boulevard on my way home from work.
- Phil

Netherlands Carillon: Climb the Netherlands Carillon near Iwo Jima on Sunday nights in the summer! You can watch the bells being played by the carillonneurs from the top of the tower. Then climb back down to sit on the sloping lawn overlooking the river with the mall in the background and listen to the music with a picnic dinner.
- Kelly

Potomac Overlook Park: My favorite sunset spot in Arlington is a ridgetop bench overlooking Donaldson Run in Potomac Overlook Park. I stop and sit on it every time I am running through the park in the evening. In this urban forest, the silence is noticeable. Most importantly, you don't see the sun itself at sunset. This fact allows you to concentrate on how the light filters through the trees and how this changes with the seasons: glowing golden sunsets through the fall leaves; muted leafless winter sunsets spiderwebbed by bare branches; chartreuse eruptions in early spring; and stabs of light penetrating the dense summer canopy - cutting deep into the haze below being enveloped by the weight of the air.
- Byron

Ballston: Perhaps not helpful, but I never tire of gazing from my Ballston apartment window. The seasons, the weather, and the decorations on nearby buildings provide endless variations on this theme.
- Greg

N. Upton St.: like to watch the sunset from my back windows, overlooking my garden. The back of my house here on North Upton St. looks west through the treetops. Because the street sits so high and the lot falls off in the back, it feels like you are floating in a treehouse. And the brilliant winter sunsets coming through are just magical.
- Jeff

Columbia Commons: in the back of building 5100, kids enjoy going down the hill. It’s a nice hill located at 5100 South 8th Rd.
- Edna

Jan. 4: Favorite sledding spot

Columbia Commons: in the back of building 5100, kids enjoy going down the hill. It’s a nice hill located at 5100 South 8th Rd. in Arlington, VA.
- Edna

Jamestown School: My kid's favorite sledding spot is the long hill behind Jamestown School. We have also sledded on the steep hill behing McKinley School (we call it killer hill), and the Reed school slopes.
- William

Tuckahoe Park: The field next to the park and the school. Place your sled at the top of the hill , next to Sycamore street and sled down onto the field.
- Sandra

Lubber Run Park: the paved trail that leads from the top of the amphitheatre down to the stream bank. Moderately steep, fairly long run and the stream at the bottom of the run make for excitement.
- Ritch

Nottingham Elementary: wicked fast and fun.
- Kevin

Hayes Street Hill: Back in the day, in south Arlington, down the Hayes St. hill, from Fort Scott Drive to 26th Street, or maybe beyond to 25th street, and - if the snow was especially fast - all the way to 24th Street. An absolutely amazing hill, enthralling if you will, without exaggeration. And the physical nature of the Hayes hill street itself, as well as other streets intersecting or adjoining the street have not changed significantly..
- Douglas

Lubber Run Community Center: Hill behind the playground at Lubber Run community center 300 N Park Rd. Very Steep!.
- Lisa/em>

Jamestown Elementary: The hill from the playing field at Jamestown Elementary that goes down to N Dickerson St..
- Julie

Glencarlyn Park: There's a hill in Glencarlyn park we all sled down on and have for the last 40 years. We pack it down, bank it and then have a ball going down it.
- Lynn

HB Woodlawn: formerly Stratford Jr. High (I know, that dates me!).
- nancy

Ashlawn Elementary: Our favorite sledding hill is the park behind Ashlawn Elementary. Great hill in all snow conditions..
- Daniel

Reed School Hill
- Bill

HB Woodlawn : is hot for sledding, with the perfecting landing of a big soccer field.
- Robert

Dec. 20: Favorite Superbowl place

Champs: in Pentagon Row. Otherwise, at a Superbowl party at a private residence.
- Sally

Bailey's: at Ballston Commons Mall
- Elliott

Cowboy Cafe: friendly neighborhood atmosphere
- Alice

Bailey's: in Ballston
- Eduardo

Bailey's: for watching the Super Bowl!
- Jennifer

Summers: My pick for the best place in Arlington to watch the Super Bowl would be Summers in Courthouse. As a transplanted New Jersey-an, Summers is my defacto headquarters for football-watching, and they get a great crowd every Sunday of fans from every NFL team. Couple this with good food, adept bartenders, and solid service, and you have a good recipe for a Super Bowl party.
- Matt

Nov. 20: Best steak

Ray's the Steaks: In Arlington, Ray's the Steaks on Wilson Blvd. is my choice for a super steak. It's quaint, small, but the food stands on it's own.
- Lora

Ray's the Steaks: on Wilson Blvd. Simply outstanding.
- Warren

Ray's the Steaks: The best steak is Arlington is definitely Ray's the Steaks. I love the simple setting and very reasonable prices for delicious steak.
- Cindy

Ray's the Steaks: I finally got a table this past weekend after 1.5 years of trying. Note: They don’t accept reservations. I discovered the best time to arrive is 5 pm on Sundays to avoid a very lengthy wait. –Laura Lucs
- Laura

Crystal City Sports Pub: their steaks are every bit as good as the higher priced restaurants in the same area because they understand grilling which not every establishment gets no matter how much you pay! Great staff, fun atmosphere and we're not even big sports fans! Plus, they are open late all year round with a full menu including their steaks.
- Tim and Val

Essy's Carriage House: I don't know where Essy get's his steak, but it is the best in Arlington by a long shotl. I've been to the biggies -- Ruth's Chris, Morton's, etc. and Essy's steak has more flavor and is always perfectly cooked. His fries are great and the salad and veggies just add to the excellence of the meal. Great neighborhood restaurant with fantastic steak.
- Caroline

Ray's the Steaks: No question about it. THE BEST steaks in Arlington. Not taking reservations can be inconvenient, but the short wait is well worth it.
- Doug

Ray's the Steaks: MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
- Kasey

Ray's the Steaks: Hands down. It's about food, wine and friendly people. Don't expect frills, although they pop up on occasion. Great value, especially the wine list - discovered Malbec on a staff recommendation. Michael (Ray), we look forward to our next visit.
- Elizabeth

Ray's the Steaks: 'nuff said.
- Elliott

Ray's the Steaks: Hands down. It's about food, wine and friendly people. Don't expect frills, although they pop up on occasion. Great value, especially the wine list - discovered Malbec on a staff recommendation. Michael (Ray), we look forward to our next visit.
- Andrew and Ray

Ray's the Steaks: Hands Down!
- Jessica

Ray's the Steaks: no question!
- Heather

Ray's the Steaks: is by far the best premium steak house in the DC area, easily better than national names and much more reasonably priced.
- Dave

Ray's the Steaks: at 1725 Wilson Blvd. No contest. Very small and no reservations but well worth the wait!
- Carolyn

Outback Steakhouse: has the best steak I know of.
- Peter

Ray's the Steaks: Melt in your mouth beef, perfectly cooked every time. Comes with the best side dishes and ends with delicious chocolate mousse.
- Donna

Ray's the Steaks: is the absolute best and for the money, my number one choice!
- Anne

Ray's the Steaks: is great. My veggie fiancée also liked it, She had a Portobello mushroom thing.
- Alan

Nov. 8: Best drycleaning

Top's Cleaners: We’ve used Tops on Lee Hwy (near the intersection of George Mason Dr) for 20+ years. They do a great job and they’re always very pleasant
- Leslie

Cupid Cleaners: Washington Boulevard across from the Giant. I wouldn't dream of taking my shirts and fine fabrics anywhere else. They make me look good!
- Greg

Cupid Cleaners: on Washington Blvd. One of the first cleaners to offer environmentally friendly cleaning services. Others do it now, but still only a few. These guys were the first.
- Eric

Summit Cleaners: on Hwy 7!
- Dennis

Hurt's: on Wilson Blvd. I was concerned when the ownership changed but they have maintained consistently great quality.
- Brad

Pearl's Cleaners: on Glebe Road, just north of Rte. 50. Reliable and they do alterations too.
- Dede

Old Dominion Cleaners: at 4036 Lee Highway. They are BY FAR the best dry cleaner in Arlington and the surrounding metropolitan DC area. They are perfectionists – every piece of clothing is returned promptly in pristine condition. They can get the worst spots out of shirts, suits, coats, dresses, linens, evening clothes and kids clothing. They can work magic with any material! They once removed ball point pen marks (self inflicted) out of my very best Easter suit. They take such good care of our clothing and they return it in beautiful condition. They do it in record time, with a smile and a cheerful word for each person who comes in the door. And here is something special they do that I just love – they memorize each person’s name and they know us all. It’s a family business run by a husband and wife – Tim and Charlene. I’m there once a week, dropping off clothes that my family has trashed, and picking up last week’s load that is now clean and fresh and looking like new! They are part of what makes Arlington so special!
- Josie

Cupid Cleaners: on Route 50...this is not the cheapest cleaners in the area, but they do excellent work. You can trust them to do a good job. They specialize in fine fabrics, silk neckties, etc. It's a family owned business that's been around for a long time and they give professional, friendly service.
- Robert

Golden Valet: on Washington Blvd. in the Westover area is the best dry cleaner there is
- Joanne

Old Dominion Cleaners: they always greet you by name.
- Valerie

Cupid Cleaners: on Washington Boulevard. The clothes look great; they can remove stains without harming my clothing; I've not yet lost a button; and the staff is very, very friendly. And, it's a green cleaner so I feel better about using them!
- Donna

Cupid Cleaners: We've had consistently good service from Cupid Cleaners on Washington Boulevard who use a non-petroleum-based environmentally-friendly process for dry cleaning, and whose staff are very courteous.
- Joanne

F&C Cleaners: I highly recommend the service at F&C Cleaners located 241 N Glebe Rd in Arlington. The husband and wife team who run this small shop are always very friendly and do quality work. In addition to dry cleaning, they offer clothing alteration, shoe repair, and key making services. I've presented them with many challenges (e.g. gigantic comforters, massively sequined shirts, ripped shorts) and have never been disappointed by their work. Parking is very convenient.
- Amy

Westover Cleaners: on Washington Blvd. across from post office -- great service, they know your name, everything finished nicely
- Insider subscriber

Country Dry Cleaners: on Columbia Pike has been my dry cleaner for 15 years. The service is excellent and I've never had a problem.
- Carol

Oct. 25: Favorite mechanic

Japanese Auto Clinic: 4831 Lee Hwy across from McD's. They are very honest about what repairs need to be made, I had been given an outrageous estimate by the dealer and took it to them any they only fixed what needed to be fixed - it is great to be able to trust your car repair shop!
- Becky

Baird Automotive: Joey Baird at Baird Automotive on Washington Blvd.
- Melissa

Baird Automotive: Best service, honest, value - Baird Automotive on Washington Blvd.
- Lora

Japanese Auto Care: located at 4530 Washington Blvd., 703-243-0550. It's in the heart of Arlington and they always give such great service. I have never once felt taken advantage of by them and I always get my car back in its best condition! Plus I think they do some work on European cars.
- Sarah

American Service Center: In my eight year experience American Service Center would win this hands down. Our service advisor is the most professional service advisor we've had in 55 years.
- Betty

Anderson Sunoco: The best place for car repairs in Arlington is Anderson Sunoco, owned by James Lomedico, located on Lee Highway between Harrison and Lexington Streets. Good repair work, competitive prices, good people.
- Insider subscriber

Joyce Motors: in Arlington is the best place I know to take your car - for anything. They consistently do a good job, and never charge me for service that isn't necessary. When a repair is necessary, they tell me what time frame I have to get it done. And when the time comes to get rid of a car because the necessary repairs aren't worth the value, they help me work through that also. I trust this shop completely, and recommend it to everyone I can.
- Christen

Anderson Sunoco: Jim Lomedico – Anderson Sunoco on Lee Highway – services our ’93 Cadillac and ’96 Buick Century with tender loving care.

Joyce Motors: No doubt about it!
- Donna

Danny's Auto Shop : on Four Mile Run. They're great, honest and have reasonable prices. Can fix anything.
- Insider subscriber

Japanese Auto Clinic: I've shopped around and you can't beat their prices. More importantly, Jay Lim and his staff are trustworthy and experienced. Bottom line is they do great work. Many times I've gone in (I have an '96 Toyota and a '97 Honda) and asked them to check out the brakes, engine, or a mysterious rattling sound. Instead of just automatically replacing everything and driving up my bill, they do an honest assessment. They let me know exactly what needs to be fixed now and what can wait. If I still have another 5,000 miles before I should consider replacing a part, they'll tell me. They know honesty is the basis for good customer service and I appreciate that. My cars are old but they run like tops thanks to Jay and the other mechanics at Japanese Auto Clinic.
- Daniel

Westover Service Center: Excellent service, easy to work with.
- Insider subscriber

D&V Service Center: Mark Kirby at D&V Service Center on Wilson Blvd. next to Safeway. He's been taking care of my cars for 20+ years and to top it off - he's adorable with a beautiful smile. (Not to worry - his wife is a friend of mine 20+ years) Absolute best mechanic, tells the truth and works hard to keep the costs down.
- Carol

A-One Auto Clinic: 1515 Columbia Pike (next to the Navy Annex). Shinki and Euki Paik have been taking great care of our cars since 1989.
- Cathy

Zolly Motors: Specialty Auto at Zolly Motors on Washington Blvd, Virginia Square area!
- Ellen

Joyce Motors: definitely! Their rates are reasonable and if it doesn't need to be fixed, they won't fix it. Unlike other places, when I pick up the car, I am confident that it is fixed properly.--Lynn Spencer.
- Joe

: on Lee Highway and Lexington is our favorite mechanic.
- Anne

Joyce Motors: on 10th Street in Clarendon. Trustworthy, reliable service.
- Jay

Arlington MotorCar: Sean and Parker at AM in Rosslyn have taken great care of my 16 year old pick-up. I'm sure they've added years to its life. The only bad thing about AM is that it's scheduled to be redeveloped.
- Andrew

Baird Automotive: on Washington Blvd. Honest work at reasonable prices. Longtime Arlington business with a well earned fine reputation for quality service.
- Pete

Lee-Lex: (at the corner of Lee Highway and N. Lexington St.) Great service: reliable, honest, friendly - excellent work for years keeping our various vehicles running smoothly!
- Jane

Texaco: on Wilson Boulevard. The most honest place in town.
- Marlo

Auto Stop: 3808 S. Four Mile Run Drive
- Sara

Auto Stop: on Four Mile Run. Excellent service, quick turn around, reasonable prices, does what needs doing, and nice to boot. I can't say enough good things about them. They are the official “arts repair shop” as lots of our staff uses them.
- Maggie

Joyce Motors: I recommend Joyce Motors on 10th and Irving Streets Arlington 703 527 2218 They have been in business since 1947 and they are fair and honest folks who consistently give excellent service.
- John

Shirlington Service Center: My recommendation for Best Car Repair is Shirlington Service Center. Ray Bowes is the owner, and he has a great group of mechanics working for him. They have provided service for me on my 12 year old car for a number of years, and I expect with the TLC my car receives there, the car will be around forever.
- Virginia

Japanese Auto Care: I bring my car to Japanese Auto Care on Washington Blvd x N Glebe Rd. Very prompt, willing to work with my busy schedule, they hustle for my business!
- Insider subscriber

Gray's Auto: on Lee Highway just up the road from the Rte. 66 overpass. My '86 station wagon never sounded so good!
- Hal

Joyce Motors: We have used Joyce Motors for about 5 years and we feel they have never done work that didn't need to be done. They are top notch in all regards.
- Betsy

Japanese Auto Repair: at Glebe Rd. and Washington Blvd.
- Cynthia

Arlington Motor Car: Parker Johnson at Arlington Motor Car on Wilson Blvd. has always done a great job with my cars. I could always count on Parker and his team to find the problem and fix it quickly. He was always straight forward and explained what options I had for maintenance without trying to upsell me to the most expensive fix. I would recommend his business to anyone.
- Tom

Japanese Auto Clinic: 4831 Lee Hwy, Arlington. Impeciable integrity, honesty, and service. At prices that will bowl you over. Can't say enough good things about these guys.
- Bill

Joyce Motors: is the best—10th Street in Clarendon
- Susan

Joyce Motors: We swear by Joyce Motors. They are honest and do a great job.
- Tim and Cynthia

Oct. 11: Favorite buffet

Matsutake: I go nuts at Matsutake on Wilson Boulevard in Ballston -- good variety and plenty of great Asian veggies for anyone going easy on protein and carbs. Another option for those who enjoy a bit of everything is To Market To Market in the Food Court of Ballston Commons Mall.
- Greg

Delhi Club: My all-time favorite (weekend) buffet has GOT to be 'Delhi Club' in Clarendon ... vibrant mix of flavors and spices, delicious vegetarian fare and all for an extremely reasonable price. Can't be beat.
- Maria

Food Factory: in Ballston now has a nice lunch buffet, and so does India Curry House in Clarendon. For brunch, filling buffet = Whitlow's on Wilson or Four Courts in Courthouse. [Editor's note: all great choices, but limit to just one answer-thanks!]
- Katie

Guapos: Guapos! Guapos! Consistently delicious and off the beaten path in the world of buffets! Make your own tacos, fajitas and fried ice-cream!
- Kimberly

Whitlow's on Wilson: Weekend All-You-Can-Eat Buffet - crab legs, lasagne, sausage made-to-serve omelets, Fruit Loops for the kids, and yummy desserts — you name it, Whitlow's has it at a good price.
- Laura

Sangam Indian Restaurant: (at corner of Glebe and Washington in Comfort Inn) has the best Indian lunchtime buffet for under $9!
- Barbara

Bombay Club: for Indian and Liberty Tavern for American, both in Clarendon.
- Brian

Joe's Pizza: on Lee Highway. Those little pitchers with soda and a bottomless pizza pan – you can’t go wrong!
- Michael

Joe's Pizza: You get a variety of delicious food at Joe's on Lee Highway.
- Marlo

Matsutake: across from Ballston Common mall has the best lunch buffet because not only can you get great sushi, but their tempura is pretty tasty as well. Best of all, they even offer the lunch buffet on Saturdays.
- Jacob

Whitlows on Wilson: Brunch is Good!
- Heather

Joe's Pizza: The best in town! Monday Tuesday and Wed, all you can eat pizza, pasta, and salad bar! They have it for lunch, too! We never miss a Tuesday with the family!
- Vivian

September 27: Favorite hot breakfast

Bob & Edith’s!
- Sheri

The Silver Diner: rules...quick and delicious!
- Tanya

Arlington Diner: on South Glebe Road is awesome. The prices are hard to beat. The breakfast is fresh, hot and never slathered in grease like most places. Reminds me of small local diners down south. Good coffee tops off a breakfast that is delicious, healthy, and easy on the wallet!!!
- Diane

Bob and Edith's: is there any place else?
- Laurie

IHOP: in Ballston - after all, when you really want good pancakes, you can't beat them!
- Arlington Insider subscriber

Bob and Edith's: on Columbia Pike...either location, but prefer the Diner near Four Mile Run Drive. I eat there every morning and have wonderful food and great service.
- Lyanne

Bob and Edith's: at Columbia Pike and S. Wakefield. The open air dining and the two, two, and two makes for a delightful breakfast.
- Eileen

Metro 29 Diner: for breakfast, and Whitlows for brunch.
- Jeff

Essy's Carriage House: Sunday brunch — my Grandchildren love it and so do I
- Caroline

Harry's Tap Room: Great Eggs Benedict choices and good coffee.
- C. Gilman

Linda's Cafe: Linda's is NOT for dieters. Linda's is for people who know what a real "diner" is supposed to be. A place where you're known. Where they ask if you'd like "the usual." Where you often meet other "regulars" and discuss the weather or the latest headlines. GREAT coffee! All of the usual (decadent) breakfast dishes. Linda's is not for the dainty!
- Carolyn

Cassatt's: by far has the best breakfast. I have taken many friends there and a few out of towners went there for breakfast three mornings in a row!
- Kathy

Bob & Edith’s: hands down. Either location will do. Love that they have gone non-smoking at the original one and we enjoy the patio dining on nice days at the newer one.
- Mar

Bob and Edith's: the original one, on the eastern part of Columbia Pike. Serves breakfast 24 hours, too!
- Dede

Bob and Edith’s: the original location — is the best breakfast (or late night meal), hands down.
- Keith

Silver Diner: great for breakfast meetings!
- Ellen

Bob and Edith's: How can you not head straight over to one of the two B & E's on the Pike when you are craving breakfast, at any time of the day? Bob & Edith's rocks the socks off any other breakfast food, no exceptions. I dare you to go and not become 100% satisfied and leave with a full & happy belly. It's just impossible.
- Sarah

Bob and Edith's: Nothing can beat Bob and Edith’s on a Sunday morning. The service, the atmosphere and anything they make. My favorite is the omelet with cheddar, onions, green peppers and bacon. Sitting out watching all the sights, smells and sounds on their patio on a gorgeous day can make my week!
- Heather

Brooklyn Bagel Bakery: Courthouse Metro, the bacon (or sausage) egg & cheese bagel sandwich is the best in Arlington, and it’s made to order
- David

The Four Courts: in Courthouse, it has an amazing brunch on Sundays. AND great ambience.
- Una

Brooklyn Bagel : in Courthouse
- Jen

Linda's Cafe: on Lee Hwy, across from Dominion Electric. Not a fancy, power-breakfast salon but a cozy little roadhouse that used to line America's highways. Terrific omlettes! Nice, low prices.
- Arlington Insider subscriber

Bob and Edith's: on Columbia Pike. If only we had a LaMadeleine's in Arlington, that would be great.
- Jeff

Brooklyn Bagel Bakery: on Wilson Blvd. (my vote for the Best hot Bagel sandwiches : )
- Margaux

Bob & Edith's
- Elliott

Metro 29 Diner: This one's hard to decide. I've had my best breakfasts in Arlington at Metro 29 Diner on Lee Highway, but IHOP near the Ballston Metro is still the most convenient place.
- Greg

Bob and Edith's!
- Kate

September 13: Favorite Asian spot

Bangkok 54: Authentic dishes, fresh ingredients, and excellent service all make for a fantastic experience!
- Johnny

OneGen: Its a tie! OneGen in Ballston and Mei's Asian Bistro on Washington Blvd. are both great.
- Dan

Sawatdee: in Courthouse is very good. I like the chicken curry with two little peppers by it (can't remember the name). Spicy but not too much so.
- Sandy

Hunan Number One: I enjoy the Kung Pao chicken at Hunan Number One in Clarendon. Yummy!
- David

Sawatdee: of course! Especially the lemon chicken and the drunken noodle…
- Cynthia

Sawatdee: Try the pad ma keur. It is eggplant with basil leaves in a black bean sauce. You can have it with beef, chicken or pork. It is truly lovely. So are the Thai people.
- Bruce

Rincome: Thai restaurant on Columbia Pike. I am here working on a Saturday, and the spicy Triple Delight is keeping me going! Lots of crisp vegetables, with shrimp, chicken, and beef in flavorful basil sauce. Ummmmmmm!
- Martha

Litte Viet Garden: love their outdoor seating area too!
- Suzy

Sichuan Wok: at 901 N. Quincy (intersection of 9th St. and Quincy). Great food and cheap prices.
- Arlington Insider subscriber

Tara Thai: in Ballston - for dinner and Sichuan Wok in Ballston - for lunch
- Rich

Nam Viet: Our pick has been the same for many years. Nam Viet in Clarendon. Always good and a warm and friendly atmosphere.
- Joan

TNR: For takeout/delivery in Courthouse/Clarendon, I'm a big fan of TNR on Wilson Blvd.
- Matthews

Nam Viet!: No contest. Nam Viet!! Hudson Street, Clarendon.
- Bruce

Oriental Gourmet: The whole family loves the Chinese food at Oriental Gourmet on Harrison Street. We celebrate many birthdays and holidays there with Peking Duck. They also deliver!
- Jan

P.F. Chang's: in Ballston – lettuce wraps are great! Mary
- Mary

: My favorite dish on the menu is Crispy whole fish served with Chili or Garlic sauce. The dish will serve at least 2-3 people. It is prepared very well. It is very flavorful.
- Paul

Rincome Thai: Columbia Pike. Delectable food, nice staff, family owned. Try pad see ew w/ beef, chicken curry, basil chicken, spring rolls
- Brooke

Rincome Thai: on Columbia Pike
- Kelly

Namviet: at Hudson Street - Vietnamese. Little Quiapo at Park Drive - Philippines.
- Voltaire

Cafe Asia: Hands down, I would vote for Cafe Asia as the best Asian cuisine in Arlington. You can't beat the happy hour special of $1.00 sushi, $2.00 drafts, and half price appetizers. And if you don't stuff yourself silly at the bar, you can always move to the main restaurant which serves the tastiest Thai and Asia fusion food. It is also my favorite place to get together with friends for parties, happy hours, and celebration dinners since the restaurant's mood is both classy and comforting. A great all around time!
- Kathy

Thai Thai Restaurant: on Lee Highway near George Mason Drive. Having lived in Thailand, my wife and I think that their noodles and various fried rice dishes are superb compared to most new trendy Thai restaurants, but the Tom Yum soups are the best!
- Kenan

Thai Noi: Second only to my own annual Chinese New Year party(!) I'd have to go with Thai Noi first, Crystal Thai second, and Peking Pavillion third (really, it depends on what flavor of Asian you are looking for -- the cuisines are all so different, and I just so happen to prefer Thai). That said, Crystal Thai cannot be beat for customer service. We used to live around the corner and went there once every few months for takeout. We moved to another part of Arlington, and about 2 years later found ourselves back at Crystal Thai and the manager greeted us by name as if we'd been there the day before!
- Deb

Rincome's: on Columbia Pike. Even my kids love it!
- Kathy

Hunan Village: 4775 Lee Highway, a block up from Glebe. This family-run no-frills restaurant offers delicious, fresh Chinese food. Eat-in or delivery, they're always fast and deliver a smile with the meal. They greet my family by name!
- Laura

Thai Square: on Columbia Pike near Glebe. It is small and unassuming but they have some of the best Thai I have ever had. I'm partial to their Green Curry but my husband likes things "extra spicy" and he always orders the Larb Nua appetizer.
- Cristine

Nam Viet: on Hudson Street in Clarendon!
- Madeleine

Nam Viet: The Best Asian Restaurant is Nam Viet in Clarendon. The Chicken Noodle Soup is the best in town the Soft Garden Rolls are Yummy. Try the Garden Rolls with Shrimp and with either fish sauce or with peanut sauce. A great treat for a meal and one that you will enjoy.
- Margo

Thai Noi: It's a tie between Thai Noi in Westover and Minh's in Clarendon
- Sara

Nam Viet: Best Asian food, bar none, is Nam Viet in Clarendon. . . they now have a cool little patio, as well.
- Barbara Jo

Any supermarket: that sells Edy's.
- Elliott

August 30: Best ice cream

Scoop Beauregard's: hands down.
- Jeff

Scoop Beauregards: is the best ice cream around! They have unique flavors that are consistently good. In addition, the price is reasonable, unlike many of the other ice cream shoppes!
- Arlington Insider subscriber (aka "Ice Cream Lover")

Coldstone Creamery:
- Marlo

Lazy Sundaes: (oops that moved to Falls Church.) O.K., second choice is Scoop Beauregard's in Westover.
- Kelly

Coldstone Creamery: mmmmm
- Lynda

Goody's: on Wilson Blvd in Clarendon.
- Suzy

McDonalds: The best ice cream is an ice cream cone from McDonalds! I know, I know….. But it only has 150 calories! You can't beat it! And I think they are yummy - hit the spot on a hot day.
- Ingrid

Cold Stone Creamery: Two places get my top pick. Cold Stone at Ballston Common has a dense ice cream which I really like. They have a pretty good chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. When they mix in caramel, fudge and a brownie, it is better than any store-bought I have tasted. They will mix in what ever you like. It is a little pricy, but good. If you tip your server, make sure they sing you a song. Second on my list is the gelatto at Joe's Pizza on Lee Highway just west of Harrison Street. I like the lemon after a pizza.
- Bill

Scoop Beauregard: Scoops in Westover!
- Deb

Baskin Robbins: Some people rave about Coldstone Creamery at Ballston, but we like Baskin Robbins better, especially since the new one opened up on Lee Highway and is so much easier for us to get to than the N. Harrison St. one — and we don't have to go into the mall to get to it like Coldstone Creamery. Though the one coupled with Dunkin' Donuts on Lee Highway has fewer flavors, it has our favorites, and that's what counts!
- Ellen

Scoop Beauregard: It used to be Lazy Sundae (now located in Falls Church). With L.S gone from Arlington, the ice cream place in Westover - Scoop Beauregards I think is the name of it - is the best - they've always had great ice cream but their ambience didn't match Lazy Sundae (and still doesn't). Try white chocolate/blueberry - yum!
- Colleen

Thai Noi: in Westover — try either their ginger or coconut ice cream; both are fantastic.
- Dede

Lazy Sundae: formerly of Clarendon, but now in Falls Church. I liked it so much I convinced my husband to move to Falls Church to be closer to the coconut chocolate chip cones I love so much!
[Editor's Note: OK, we'll play nice and let it slide but you're right - it's not in Arlington.]
- Heather

Scoops Beauregard: on Washington Blvd. in Westover.
- Ira

August 16: Best cool off spot

Kettler Ice Rink: Best place to beat the heat? When it's hot and muggy outside, it doesn't get any cooler than an indoor ice skating rink - Kettler Ice Rink in Ballston. Now that's cool!
- Arlingotn Insider subscriber

The fountains in Crystal City: When I come off the bike trail, all hot and sweaty, being at the fountains (off Crystal Drive) cools me off right away. It's quiet, peaceful, tree-shaded and just beautiful. Go stick your feet into the water on a hot day!
- Diana

Local pool: The community pool in my neighborhood.
- Rich

Carvel: The Movies at Courthouse, the waterfall at Windy Run on the Potomac Heritage Trail, the rope swing on the Potomac across from Fletcher's Boathouse.
- Ray & Andrew

Any Movie Theater: Growing up in rural CT without air conditioning, I remember the first time it hit 100 degrees. My friend and I went to the movies and watched Superman 3 three times in a row that afternoon – it was the only movie playing. To this day, I find it wonderfully nostalgic to beat the heat at the movies!
- Deb

Ball Sellers house: When I used to volunteer at the Ball Sellers house on 3rd st. run by the Arl Historical Society I would sit, on Saturdays, under the arbor of the 100 plus wisteria tree and no matter how hot it was it was cool there. Try it!
- Ann

Freddie's Beach Bar: My favorite "CoolOFFSpot" is Freddie's Beach Bar on 23rd Street! Freddie's is always very friendly and welcoming to everyone and it is a very comfortable setting to cool off with a drink or two while carrying on an envigorating conversation with a community neighbor or two who you may have just met for the first time but soon feel like you have been friends all your life.
- Alexandra

Washington-Lee Pool: of course
- Greg C.

August 2: Best summer read

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: .all 759 there any other read this summer
- Elliott Jaffa

Special Topics in Calamity Physics: By Marisha Peshl [Editor's Note: Boy, we hope she's kidding! ;-)]
- Ellen Guldan

Harry Potter #7: What else???
- Colleen Coyne

A Thousand Splendid Suns: By Khaled Hosseini — was my favorite read this
summer! Great follow-up from his first book, Kite Runner.
- Kerry Campane

Harry Potter: Harry Potter ... what could be better?
- Caroline Klam

I Hate My Neck, Harry Potter #7, History of Love: I started the summer with I Hate My Neck, by Nora Ephron, which is a good laugh. It's been a great summer for Harry Potter fans. The 7 th book ( Deathly Hallows) was very satisfying and a good summer read. I also enjoyed History of Love by Nicole Krauss.
- Sandra Brody

Anything by Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Russo: He's brilliant! I've recently read Nobody's Fool, Empire Falls , and Mohawk. All of these, and more, are readily available at Arlington Central Library. Russo gets inside his characters' minds with tremendous insight, and his dialogue writing is the best I've read. These are stories of human beings and relationships at their worst ... and at their best. Check him out!
- Kate Mounteer

Animal, Vegetable or Miracle: By Barbara Kingsolver. The author describes her year of eating locally produced foods, with many interesting and humorous anecdotes.  Some recipes included.
- Teresa

July 19, 2007: Best outdoor spot

Rio Grande: on Fairfax
- Kristin

Nam Viet: I never tire of the patio at Nam Viet, 1127 North Hudson Street in Clarendon just off Wilson Boulevard. Fresh spring rolls + buttery soft shelled crab + an evening breeze = bliss.
- Greg

Big Buns: Great location on a quiet courtyard away from traffic noise and fumes
- Sue

La Tasca : in Clarendon--good food, good service, and pleasant surroundings!
- Dede

Pascha Cafe: on Lee Hwy. near the intersection of Pollard, in the strip mall that hosts the 7-11
- Barbara

Faccia Luna: Both Faccia Luna and La Tasca in Clarendon are great for outdoor seating!
- Arlington Insider subscriber

Little Viet Garden: It is a tie between Little Viet Garden in Clarendon and Cafe Tirolo in Ballston. Both offer outdoor seating that is step above the handful of tables on the sidewalk and both have more outdoor seating than indoor seating. On a nice day, they can't be beat.
- Brian

Shirlington: Lots of restaurant choices, nice fountain, not too many cars.
- Rich

Alladin's Eatery: You can enjoy middle eastern food outside AND enjoy soft jazz music on Saturday nights at Alladin's Eatery in Ballston.
- Sandra

Clarendon (various): I love sitting outside anywhere along Wilson Boulevard in Clarendon – it's like sitting at an outdoor café in Paris or Rome. I also like sitting in the outdoor restaurants in Courthouse Plaza – away from street traffic and there's always a breeze blowing.
- Diana

Sawatdee: I would suggest Sawatdee in Courthouse, which has covered tables in the courtyard.
- Sandra

Quarterdeck: Without a doubt, Quarterdeck. A great atmosphere sitting outside drinking beer and eating crabs with friends.
- Bridget

July 5, 2007: Best dessert

P.F. Chang's: in Ballston. Banana Spring Rolls. Yum!
- Carrie

Metro 29 Diner: bread pudding
- Kenn

Scoop Beauregard's: in Westover, would be the next best thing to Lazy Sundae (they moved to Falls Church)
- Rich

Chicken Out: in Ballston Mall. Best dessert for me has to be the 6 Layer chocolate cake.
- Conor

Silver Dollar: World's Smallest Sundae
- Eileen

Willow Restaurant: their desserts are artistic, beautiful, and incredibly delicious!
- Sally

Clarendon Whole Foods: Sharon's Sorbet in Chocolate and Coconut...the combination is decadant (and delicious).
- Stefanie and Bob

Carlyle Grand: flourless chocolate waffle!
- Ellen

Heidelberg bakery: Raspberry berliner jelly donuts!
- Lu

Tara Thai's: warm coconut sticky rice w/mango. It's a dream come true!
- Cristina

PF Chang's: The chocolate cake with raspberry filling and drizzle.
- Kerry

T.H.A.I. Shirlington: has wonderful flourless chocolate cake. It come with nutty ice cream and it's fabulous!
- Julie

Carlyle Grand: Absolutely anything you order is always fresh and outrageous! But the warm, chocolate flourless cake (waffle) is perfect with vanilla ice cream!
- David

Joe's Place Pizza and Pasta: Gelati (Italian Ice Cream) at the Lee Hwy. location
- Brooke

Heidleburg Bakery: AMAZING EVERYTHING! They always open before the scheduled time which is nice if there is something you MUST have. The cakes are amazing and you can place orders ahead or walk in.
- Arlington Insider subscriber

Scoop Beauregard's: ice cream!

Carlyle Grand: In Shirlington - the bread pudding
- LaToya

Pastries by Randolph: Strawberry Shortcake
- Marlo

Carlyle Grande:Anything you get.
- Deb

Cafe Vero: Their chef makes excellent desserts. A warm chocolate bread pudding, poached pear with hazlenut glace ice cream. Their desserts are not excessively sweet, or ovewhelmingly huge, just out of this world delicious!
- Annelie

This is a tough question, because there is no shortage of great options in Arlington. My family adores the pies at Heidelberg. And I like Pastry by Randolph's sour cream cake. But, if I want a special dessert, of any flavor, I would go to Best Buns or Carlyle Grand (same pastry chef) in Shirlington.
- Sandra

june 21, 2007: Best music spot

Iwo Jima Memorial: Watching the Marine Corp band at the Iwo Jima Memorial.
- Bob

- Arlington Insider subscriber

Iota: is a wonderful venue, great acts, good fun, fun crowd.
- The Murphys

Iota: is the best place to hear live music because, quite simply, they get the best bands. (It certainly isn't because there's plenty ofseating!)
- Colleen

Iota: Club, definitely!
- Karen

5th Annual Rock at the Row: at Post Pentagon Row on Thursday evenings in the summer. Really good rock music, prizes/ handouts, and walking distance from my house and the Metro. Admission is free.
- Barbara

Alladin's Eatery: in Ballston has "Brodan Jazz Experience" (Yorktown Jazz Band's rhythm section) playing jazz on the weekends. They're fantastic! Check them out and tell them Sandy sent you.
- Sandra

Iota: We'd say Iota although have only been a few times.
- Shela

June 7, 2007: Best gift Spot

Preston's Pharmacy: If you've never been in here, this might seem like an odd answer. [ 5101 Lee Hwy.]
- Sara

Arlington Gift & Garden: Hands down, the best gift place is Arlington Gift & Garden, across from Whole Foods. They've got a range of gifts from funny to quirky to classy, and great Bush magnet sets. And they carry many items from the MikWright line, my favorite! [2727 Wilson Blvd. in Clarendon]
- Judy

Mrs. Mcgregor's Garden Shop: It's Mrs. Mcgregor's Garden Shop, which used to be in Arlington Forest (now on Wilson Blvd. in Clarendon).
- Sarah

Mother Macaroon's: On Harrison St./Lee Highway. The best, delicious gift you could ever give. Decorative, Milk and White Chocolate cover shortbread cookies, macaroons, and other baked goods. The best bakery ever.
- Joanne

Preston's Pharmacy: At 5101 Lee Hwy has a great gift selection.
- Christine

Mrs. McGregors: The best gift shop in all of Arlngton.
- Colleen

Arlington Gifts and Garden: Go to Arlington Gifts and Garden, 2727 Wilson Blvd. in Clarendon. Small store with a lot of hip and classy stuff; always a hit with my recipients.
- Greg

Westover Thrift Shop: The thrift shop in Westover, next door to the Lebanese Taverna. There's lots of unique fun stuff to be found there for the friend or family member who's not as impressed by the price tag on your gift as by the originality and thought that comes along with it. Plus, you just might see Ollie North, as he gets his buzz cuts at the barber shop two doors up.
- Mary Ellen

Arlington Gift and Garden: 2727 Wilson Blvd., across from Whole Foods. They have the quirkiest and funniest trinkets — I can easily spend an hour in there, laughing every minute!
- Cynthia

Ellipse Fine Crafts: Tucked away on the third floor of Ballston Common Mall (near Macy's furniture). They're the only store in Arlington that carries hand-made jewelry, pottery, prints, watercolors and art made exclusively by artists who live, work or have studios in Arlington!
- Sara

The Back Door: I have great luck in finding one-of-a-kind unique gifts and outstanding customer service at THE BACK DOOR located in the Lee-Harrison shopping center at 2499 N. Harrison Street in Arlington. The shop is a little hard to find, but it's worth the trouble — a true gem.
- Pam

Smithsonian Museum Store: My favorite store is the Smithsonian Museum Store located at Reagan National Airport. It has a wide selection of stores to shop for gifts. It is a stop on the metro's Blue Line.
- Carol

Serendipity: In the Lee-Harrison Shopping center. The Papery in Clarendon.
- Michelle

AKA Spot: (For dogs or dog lovers.) [Also] Arlington Garden & Gifts.
- Donna

Preston's: On Lee Hwy has quirky little gifts. It's really a pharmacy, but has very clever gift items as well.

Arlington Gifts and Garden: In Clarendon!
- Kristin

Alladin's Lamp: Has the most browsable collection of affordable gifts and books for kids of any store I've taken my children into — and we always find something. It's in that shopping plaza at the corner of Lee and Harrison.
- Debbie

Arlington Gifts and Garden: Nora's Garden Store in Clarendon!
- Nickie

Malena Boutique: One of my favorite boutiques for gift shopping is the Malena Boutique in Rosslyn; the store is located in the Rosslyn Metro complex, and offers a wonderful variety of jewelry, clothing, and other accessories for the lady that has everything!
- Lena

Bill's Hardware: Male - Bill's Hardware. Female - still trying to figure this one out.
- Rich

Preston's Pharmacy: Believe it or not, Preston's Pharmacy on Lee Highway has a lovely selection of cards and gifts. I always find the perfect Mother's Day or hostess gifts there.
- Melissa

The Italian Store: Consistently awesome!
- Lori

Ellipse Fine Crafts: In the Ballston Mall! They are only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so if you need something for the middle of the week, you have to think ahead. Great hand made jewelry, pottery, and artwork!
- Lisa

World Market: Pentagon Row.
- Amanda

AKA Spot: The best place to find a gift for a pet lover is "a.k.a. Spot" next to the Java Shack.
- Rebecca

Of Kindred Spirits: I have found some interesting things at "Of Kindred Spirits" in Pentagon Row and at the Airport.
- Sandy

Serendipity: At the Lee-Harrison shops.
- Donna

Serendipity: I enjoy Serendipity at the Lee Harrison shopping center. It has wonderful, unique items.
- Jocelyn

CDCellar: On Wilson Blvd.
- Kelly

The Woodmont Weavers: The beautiful colors and textures of the woven scarves will rival anything you'd find in Neiman's, I'm tellin' ya! And you cannot beat the prices, so reasonable. They will also custom-weave placemats and napkins to match your china! And, as if that weren't enough, you are supporting a group of developmentally-disabled adults for whom weaving is more than just a job — it's what they love to do. You can visit the Woodmont Weavers in their studio on the 3rd level of Ballston Mall.
- Diana

May 24, 2007: Favorite pizza


18 - Italian Store
11 - Lost Dog Cafe
6 - Faccia Luna
5 - Joe's Place

This time there was a record response (50+) on where to go in Arlington for good pizza.

Italian Store: hands down.
- Pat

Italian Store: it's the best!
- Dede



3123 Lee Highway

5876 N. Washington Blvd.

2909 Wilson Blvd.

5555 Lee Hwy.

Faccia Luna: in Clarendon, especially for the 2 for $22.22 on Monday nights — two glasses of wine, two salads, and a pizza with two toppings for $22.22. Excellent cheap date.
- Arlington Insider subscriber

Italian Store
- Kim

Italian Store: followed by Cafe Pizzaiolo in Crystal City.
- Chetan

Lost Dog Cafe: Take out or eat in. Consistent great quality, fast, good sandwiches, too!
- Deborah

Faccia Luna: no contest! Carciofi pizza...yummmmm!
- JoAnna

Two Chefs: on Wilson Blvd.
- Sara

Mayaluna: (used to be Halteh's) on Glebe Road at South 2nd St. Not a chain. Wonderful white pizza, too.
- Arlington Insider subscriber

Italian Store: of course!!!
- Randi

Faccia Luna: on Wilson!
- Lisa

Lost Dog Cafe: on Washington Blvd.
- Marcey

Piola: It's like a little slice of Italy - right on Wilson Blvd.! It's a great addition the line up of restaurants in that part of town - and is one of my new favorite hang outs. I can't stop telling people about it!
- Bridget

Italian Store: Duh.
- Kerry

Italian Store: Is there better pizza in Arlington than the Italian Store? I doubt it!!
- Kasey

Piola: on Wilson Blvd. in Rosslyn, right next to Cafe Asia.
- Reid

Lost Dog Cafe: in Westover- with the wheat crust! Great micro-brewed bears to go with it!
- Hope

The Broiler: There are so many good pizza spots, however, the one I like best is the Broiler, located on Columbia Pike. It's been around for years.
- Sonya

Italian Store: in the Lyon Village Shopping Center. Of course this is the obvious (and only correct!) answer!!
- Cynthia

Brick's Pizza: especially their specialties like "The Arlington"
- Cherie

Italian Store: in Lyon's Village! Best I've ever tasted!
- Carolyn

Lost Dog Cafe: This Westover restaurant is the best!
- Mar

Joe's Place Pizza and Pasta: For our Italian family, Sicilian thick crust pizza topped with Italian sausage and portabella mushrooms.
- Jan

Mario's Pizza: particularly if it's served up by one of the ORIGINAL staffers!
- Hal

Lost Dog Cafe
- Arlington Insider subscriber

Two Chefs: on Wilson Blvd.
- Jack

Italian Store: on Lee Highway has the best pizza in Arlington.
- Frank

Pasha Cafe: in Cherrydale has the best pizza. Their "Cherrydale" pizza has an amazing combination of tomatoes, feta, and spinach.
- Aaron

Brick's Pizza: on Route 50.
- Birdie

Lost Dog Cafe: chicken pizza.
- Carol

Mom's Pizza: at Glebe Rd. and Columbia Pike have a great thin crust, combination pizza.
- Peter

Joe's Place Pizza and Pasta: Not only is their pizza great, but they support the local kids and community.
- Harriet

Joe's Place Pizza and Pasta: on Lee Highway. Considering how busy it always is, I think many other families agree!
- Saulnier family

The Broiler: on Columbia Pike. Others have delivery, more variety, and a menu that supports a balanced meal, but the Broiler's basic pizza simply tastes the best.
- Karl

Lost Dog Cafe: especially any of the gourmet pizzas!
- Pat and Anne

Pizza Hut
- David

Italian Store: in the shopping plaza at the corner of Lee Hwy and Spout Run. Thin, authentic crust. Seasoned to actually taste Italian. Just enough sauce. The mushroom pizza had tasty mushrooms, that woodsy, earthy flavor you expect from a good mushroom.
- Debbie

Angelico's: off of Jefferson Davis Hgwy.
- Kate

Faccia Luna
- Amy

Itlaian Store: has great pizza to go. Faccia Luna and Lost Dog Cafe have great pizza for dine-in.
- Colleen

Faccia Luna: They have a nice crust and good choice of toppings. My second favorite is Joe's Place Pizza and Pasta. Faccia is good foo foo pizza, Joe's is good "traditional" pizza.
- Susan

Pasha: Great garlicky white pizza
- Valerie

Joe's Place Pizza and Pasta: pizza is great, the rest of the food is awesome and the kids love it. It is a great neighborhood spot.
- Caroline

- Emily

Faccia Luna
- Wanda

Italian Store: far and away the best (for those who like Philly/NY style pies).
- Cheryl

Vocelli Pizza: 2626 N Pershing Dr. Their Hawaiian Pizza is the best!
- Jeff

Pietanza: best pizza in Arlington closest to NYC
- Elizabeth

Italian Store: especially their white pizza. Their's is not greasy.
- Sylvia

Joe's Place Pizza and Pasta
- Mary Ann

- Arlington Insider subscriber

Italian Store: No question the best pizza in Arlington, and the DC area.
- Jessica

Italian Store: By the way, there are no other pizza places in Arlington.
- Kevin

Piola: Great pizza experience: atmosphere, pizza choices, patio, music, staff, bar and top it all off with a great cup of cappuccino
- Andrew and Ray

Lost Dog Cafe
- Kevin

Papa John's Pizza: at 2300 Wilson Blvd.
- Ram

Italian Store
- Gary

Italian Store
- Kay

Lost Dog Cafe: Polynesian Pizza is the best. The combination of ingredients and flavors gel into one great taste. We have introduced this pizza to our friends and now they order it as well.
- John

May 10, 2007: Mother's Day brunch

Although Mother's Day has passed, Dad can capitalize on this reader pick! There were many good suggestions for brunch — see below.

The Ritz-Carlton: in Pentagon City (next to Nordstrom), South Hayes St., Arlington, VA.
- Pegi

Luna Grill: cozy location, good food.
- Richard

Holiday Inn: Rosslyn. Great view. Great food. Tremendous variety.
- Colleen

Ireland's Four Courts: filling, festive and friendly.
- Jean

Essy's Carriage House: As far as I am concerned, the best place to take me (the mother) is Essy's Carriage House. Great steaks, great burgers and just overall excellent food in a wonderful, family friendly place.
- Caroline

Portobello's: I love their brunch and the food is delicious and fresh, the drinks are reasonably priced, and it's a locally-owned, non-chain restaurant, which I greatly prefer to the "big box" places.
- Tracy/em>

The Marina: on the parkway. I believe the name has just changed.
- Marjorie

Crystal City Sports Pub: Again, I will mention the Crystal City Sports Pub.
- Mike

Bistro Bistro: in Shirlington
- Lora

Fort McNair: has a great brunch and not that far away. It is near the water and never crowded. Delicious!!
- Joan

Carlyle Grand: in Shirlington.
- Lisa

April 26, 2007: favorite burger

Wow! Arlingtonians really have an opinion when it comes to burger joints. There was a clear winner (see sidebar) but many good choices — just skim the list below.


25 - Five Guys
4 - Whitlow's
3 - Cowboy Cafe

Hard Times: There's no better food coma-inducer than their chili cheeseburgers. I actually have to plan when I'm going to eat one of those, because I have to clear my schedule for the evening — I know I'll be passed out within two hours.
- Arlington Insider subscriber

Five Guys: Easy.
- Patrick

Johnny Rocket's: in Shirlington! It's well worth breaking a diet or eathing healthy for one now and then!
- Jessica

Ri-Ra : Juicy burger with onion rings and Irish bacon, yum!
- Amy

Eat Bar: at Tallulah. It comes without sides, but it is the best around for the price.
- Justin

Five Guys
- John

Five Guys: HANDS DOWN!! They get my vote. Best burger in town with all the fixings of your choice; and the fries are nothing to sneeze at.
- Lena

Metro Diner: for best burger!
- Carmen

Five Guys: on Wilson Blvd. Best hamburger.
- Sheryl

L.A. Bar and Grill: at 2530 Columbia Pike (used to be Tippy's Taco). On Wednesdays, burgers are half-price. These burgers are out of this world!! I had a burger called the L.A. Woman. It was topped with swiss, bacon, bbq, grilled onions, mushrooms and Cajun seasoning. My coworkers had the veggie burger and raved about it. All the burgers are served with fries, lettuce, and tomato and are served on a Ciabatta roll. Everything was fresh and the fries were fresh cut and had virtually NO GREASE on them! They also have several other menu items.
- Purcell

Five Guys: Best Burger (Courthouse). There's just no better burger in Arlington (yet).
- David

Five Guys: the first time I tried it, I thought I was going to have a heart attack but it tasted like heaven!
- Kristen

Hard Times Cafe: I've eaten at the Clarendon location and their burgers are great. You can get a plain, cheese, bacon/cheese and chili and always juicy burgers. The burgers come with roadhouse fries (delish) and are cooked to order.
- Martha

Five Guys: since they opened in the shopping center at Columbia Pike and Glebe Rd. where Brenner's Bakery used to be (both now closed). Best hand-made burgers and fries, and they tell you the origin of the potatoes daily. Also great for the barrel of raw peanuts in the shell — just eat them and throw the shells on the floor.
- Sylvia

Five Guys: Also Whitlow's on Wilson, because of its family oriented service and Monday night special.
- Michael

Five Guys: Best burger in town, where else?
- Colleen

Five Guys: in Terminal C at Reagan Airport — it's in Arlington!
- Linda

Five Guys: without a doubt.
- Marilyn

Whitlow's: of course… on Monday nites! Great price, great crowd, great burgers! A neighborhood favorite.
- Nikki Kaye

Five Guys: in Courthouse area. My whole family loves those burgers.
- Lisa W.

Cowboy Cafe: has the best burger! Plus, Tuesdays are 1/2 price day!!
- Lynda

Rock Bottom Brewery: The best burger is at the Rock Bottom Brewery on N. Glebe Rd.
- Brian

Ragtime: The burger at Ragtime is great, cooked per order and has a fantastic grill taste.
- Molly

Five Guys: has the best burgers (and fabulous french fries)! My husband and I are so happy one came into the Courthouse area.
- Karen

Five Guys: has the best, and extra large order of fries.
- Ted

Five Guys: hand made the old way and tastes great
- Wendy

Ted's Montana Grill: buffalo burger, Crystal City -- medium rare -- the best.
- Keith

Five Guys: The hamburgers are big and juicy, made to order and taste totally homemade. Plus one can eat piles of peanuts in the shell while waiting.
- Ann

Cowboy Cafe: Is there any question? Cowboy Cafe!
- Sara

Five Guys
- Theresa

Five Guys
- Reiko

Stars and Stripes: in Crystal City on 23rd Street. On Wednesday nights they're half price!
- Kim

Five Guys: I will vote for 5 Guys as the best burguers in town.
- Suzanne

Cowboy Cafe
- Helena

Five Guys
- Sabina

Five Guys: Five Guys, Five Guys, Five Guys, Five Guys - LOVE the Clarendon location!
- Pam

Five Guys: No question ... 5 GUYS!
- Georgia

Whitlow's on Wilson: I very much enjoy the hamburgers at Whitlow's on Wilson. Even better, on Mondays you can get one half price!
- Sheryle

Five Guys: Although I am not a "burger" type of person, I would surely say… "Five Guys" has the best burgers anywhere!
- Tina

Whitlow's on Wilson: For the best burgers, definitely head to Whitlow's!
- Leslie

Whitlow's on Wilson: I've been going to burger night for almost eight years, and it's still my fave.
- Meaghan

Essy's Carriage House: has great burgers!
- Caroline

Ted's Montana Grill: in Ballston – fantastic burgers!
- Elizabeth

Five Guys: Best place for a burger in Arlington - Five Guys in Courthouse.
- Rebecca

Five Guys: The Five Guys! They rule.
- Tanya

April 12, 2007: favorite coffee shop


7 - Java Shack
3 - Murky Coffee
2 - Greenberry's
2 - Starbucks
1 - 7-11
1 - Caribou
1 - Cosi
1 - Rappahannock

Murky Coffee: has the best java by far.
- Kenneth

Cosi: on 19th and N. Lynn St. because of the free Wifi.
- Ryan

Starbucks: For me, it's always been, and still is y favorite. I have them grind a half-caf for me so that my home blend is no longer as strong. I always have a Starbucks card, which I add to when it gets low. I have never found another coffee that satisfies me as much.
- Sylvia

Java Shack: is the best coffee spot in Arlington!
- Daphne

Java Shack: without a doubt and Dale Roberts (owner) makes it more like visiting a friend than just buying a cup of coffee. He also gives so much back to the neighborhood, supporting civic organizations, charities and schools far more faithfully than the nearby chain stores with deeper pockets. And the coffee is SPECTACULAR!
- Nancy

Java Shack: Arlington's FIRST coffee shop!
- Roberta

Java Shack: is by far the best coffee shop in all of the DC area. Dale and his fantastic staff make great drinks, but they also host a comfortable and eclectic community of area residents. The patio is relaxing, and the company is always interesting.
- Bridget

7-11: although technically not a coffee shop, it's the best coffee in town. I love the options that they offer, plus you get to add your own flavors. If I had to pick a bricks-n-mortar coffee shop, then hands down, it would be Murky Coffee on Wilson Blvd. in Clarendon. Great atmosphere, comfy couches, nice people.
- Richard

Murky Coffee : They have a great selection of delicious coffees. Their free cupping seminars are very informative.
- Susan

Caribou Coffee: in Shirlington. Reasonable prices (certainly has Starbucks beat) and very friendly staff. Perhaps because they are recently opened they try harder.
- Rich

Java Shack : is the best! Great folks.
- Mary

Greenberry's: for the early morning fix (Wilson Blvd.), especially weekdays. For a mid-morning or afternoon break: Java Shack, anytime.
- Lauren

Java Shack: I love everything about this little Clarendon cafe. The cozy atmosphere, the yummy coffee, the friendly staff. Plus the owner is very supportive of and active in the community. Have you seen the gorgeous tea bags made of silk? My husband swears by Starbucks — any Starbucks.
- Diana

Greenberrys: My favorite coffee shop! The staff is always friendly, the atmosphere has a quaint charm, and of course the coffee is fabulous! My favorite blend is Mocha Java, which is usually brewed on Fridays.
- Sahar

Java Shack: in Courthouse off Wilson Blvd. Very casual atmosphere and resourceful bulletin board on the wall.
- Ken

Rappahannock Coffee: I'm not a coffee drinker, I drink tea. I know of few places where I can get a decent "cuppa", but one of them is this Columbia Pike cafe. In addition to their teas and coffees, they have a great selection of desserts. A very comfortable, relaxed, community atmosphere exists, not the "get 'em in, get 'em out" feeling at "corporate coffee shop."
- Kevin

March 29, 2007: favorite outdoor spot (in Arlington, of course)

That's the question we asked Arlington Insider subscribers in the March 29 edition. Here's what our readers told us.

Crystal City Fountain: I'm very fond of the big fountain in Crystal City near where the bike path goes under the GW Parkway. The best thing is to walk around all the different parts of the fountain and hear the way the sound changes depending on where you are. It feels like being inside a waterfall. If I weren't afraid I'd fall in, I'd do it with my eyes closed, so I could concentrate more on the wonderful sounds.
- Joy

Shirlington: There's really something for everyone. First, there are so many fabulous restaurants that offer outdoor dining. Shirlington also has Four Mile Run trail, the dog park, the baseball field, and so many park benches to choose from that you'll never tire of the people-watching.
- Kasey Songster

Theodore Roosevelt Island: (technically in DC, because it is in the river), but the entrance is in Arlington. It has one of the farthest reaching tidal marshes on the potomac river. Go in Mid-April to check out the ephemeral wildflowers (before the trees fully leaf out)
- Catie Drew

Theodore Roosevelt Island: It is one of the best-kept secrets in the DC metro area. In 10 minutes, I can meander across a beautiful footbridge into the forest to escape urban noise and chaos. Trees, leaves, birds, and the sound of the water. It's where I go when I need a "good think."
- Laura Lucs

Glencarlyn Park: I love to take my dog to the CCA (Community Canine Area) in Glencarlyn Park. She's a Curly Coated Retriever, and she gets such joy from running and playing fetch in the stream and the woods that I feel it, too! I'll like it even better when the water quality improves, but so far, she just gets an occasional ear infection. She'd say it's worth it, tho!
- Arlington resident

Bon Air Rose Garden: My favorite spot in Arlington is the Rose Garden, off of Wilson Blvd. It is gorgeous when in full bloom!
- Robin Canty

Mt. Vernon Trail: My most memorable outdoor spot has to be that incredible stretch along the Potomac on the Arlington side, looking toward the monumental views. It's gorgeous from the GW Parkway, and very special to experience up close and personal on a bicycle or on foot.

But my favorite outdoor spot is my condo sundeck – from there, I can view the Capital fireworks, the Air Force Memorial, the National Cathedral, and the Washington Monument. It's beautiful on a clear, sunny day, and it's absolutely spectacular at night.
- Diana

Dr. Dremo: The outdoor patio at Dr. Dremo (formerly Bardo) in the summertime. Great place for happy hour with friends!
- Tracy

March 15, 2007: What's your favorite item to buy at an Arlington farmer's market?

That's the question we asked Arlington Insider subscribers in the March 15 edition. Here's what our readers told us.

I love locally grown tomatoes!
- Charles

Vintage 30s and 40s ties at the Georgetown Flea Market. But you gotta ask the guy for the "special stash!"
- Ken

Corn on the cob and tomatoes
- Bonnie Wilson

I go with a big empty basket and get whatever looks good! I often end up with beautiful enormous radishes – be sure to cook the green tops, don't toss them out! Delicious!
- Diana

I like to get vegetables (in summer months, especially). Also, a few weeks ago, I got some great cheese from the Courthouse Plaza market. Yummmm…
- Jennifer, Arlington resident

March 1, 2007: Got a favorite cheap eat in Arlington?

That's the question we asked Arlington Insider subscribers in the March 3 edition. Here's what our readers told us.

Sangam Restaurant
Anything on the menu is delicious and perfect for sharing! Plus the staff is so friendly and nice. YUM!!!
- JoAnna S. Moskal, Ballston

El Charrito
On Washington Blvd near Pershing — it has been written up elsewhere; is fabulous and very cheap.
- Drew Porter

Mister Days
I'm a big fan of the $9.95 NY Strip Steak Dinner on Monday nights. You get a nice sized piece of steak, choice of potato and the vegetable of the day. I live in Alexandria and I stay in Arlington at least twice a month to take advantage of the great deal!
- Melissa Rothe

Arlington Diner
Located in South Arlington on Glebe Rd. near the intersection of Lang next to the Giant. Great breakfast at a great price.
- Hope Halleck

Dama Restaurant
Dama Restaurant (Ethiopian) across from Sheraton Hotel, on the way to the Navy Annex has tasty dishes at great prices. My favorite dish is their Special Kitfo, which is a dish made with very lean beef, sauteed in spiced and filtered butter, cardamom, and chili powder, and served on a spongy bread called injera. It also comes with a side dish of Ethiopian cottage cheese mixed with spinach or collard greens. The generous serving can be shared by two people!
- Martha

Brooklyn Bagel Bakery
One of my favorite places is right in the Courthouse neighborhood so it serves County employees well. A place where you can get a tasty lunch, with a drink, for $5.00 is great!
- Fran Lunney

The Japanese food vendor in the Ballston Commons Mall has the best sushi in northern Virginia: "Sushi Regular" at about $6. Quality is superior, quantity is good. Order it, take it to a table and, first, smell what "fresh sushi" means.
- David Ziegler

Lebanese Taverna
Mezzas are always great to try new things. Great wines and exceptional service!
- Arlington Insider reader

Restaurant Vero
They have a warm goat cheese salad that is excellent. You can make a great meal with two appetisers -- say a salad and a crab cake, or ravioli and scallops — but their ribs entree melts in your mouth. Again, the wine list and service are exceptional.
- Arlington Insider reader

Village Bistro
This restaurant has changed names and owners but we have been going back for more than 30 years. My favorite thing on the menu is the shrimp appetiser (the same shrimp is over the lobster ravioli — also excellent)
- Arlington Insider reader

Crystal City Sports Pub
Appetizer Menu is half price from 4-7 pm Monday through Friday. I can feed a family of 5 for $14.
- Mike Goodrich

Thai Noy
This is a wonderful little "hole in the wall." It is located right next to the Lost Dog cafe in the Westover Shopping Center. The food is fresh and wonderful! It's a family owned and operated business too. The service staff are terrific and friendly. Favorite dish — Lover's Scampi or anything with Cot's fabulous, homemade peanut sauce! The sauce is unlike any other. Try this place!
- Kathryn McCarty

Facia Luna
Facia Luna on Wilson Blvd. lunch time special: 2 slices of pizza and salad and drink for $5.99
- Scott Ward

Pollo Rico
Is there a better cheap eat on the planet than El Pollo Rico? I always get a quarter-chicken, "with everything" and eat the whole thing.
- Diana Sun

The Broiler
Fast food/pizza on Columbia Pike
Pines of Naples: Simple, good, and reasonable price Italian in Buckingham and Columbia Pike
Metro 29 Diner: on Lee Highway - All day breakfast and variety
- Karl Veit, Arlington native

Hi, there is this really small bakery called Panamericana, it has great pupusas and delicious soups among other things. All the breads and desserts are cheap. It is located on the corner of Columbia Pike and George Mason Drive.
- Lilibeth Grandas

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