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Business Tangible Personal Property Taxes

  • What is Business Tangible Personal Property?

    All furniture, fixtures, machinery, tools and programmable equipment used in Arlington County businesses is considered tangible personal property. Programmable computer equipment includes all computer and peripheral equipment hardware and all operational software.

  • Who must file a business tangible personal property return?

    All businesses in Arlington County must file a return on or before May 1 of each year. Businesses need to report tangible personal property owned, leased, or in their possession in Arlington County as of January 1 of each year. If you have a business in Arlington and you do not own, lease, or possess personal property, you are required to sign and return the form with an attached statement confirming you have no personal property and explaining how you conduct your business.

  • What is the due date for filing?

    File on or before May 1 to avoid late filing penalties. Your tax bill will be mailed to you in August, and, beginning in 2010, payment will be due on or before September 5.

Download the "Business Tangible Personal Property Tax - Questions & Answers" brochure. (126.3K PDF format).


Arlington County DMV Select

  • Does the Arlington County DMV Select office offer the same services other DMV offices?

    The Arlington County DMV Select Office only offers limited services such as titles (originals, substitutions, replacements), registrations (original, renewals, transfers) and special and personalized license plate orders to name a few. Of course, there are transactions that can only be performed at a full-service DMV office. Click here to link to the DMV website.


Vehicle Personal Property Taxes

  • Do I need a decal and, if I do, how do I get one?

    Every vehicle regularly garaged or parked in Arlington County requires a County Decal. As of July 1, 2010, the fee for obtaining an Arlington County decal is $33.00. For information on Arlington decal procedures, please contact the Treasurer's Office at 703-228-4000.

    Many neighborhoods in Arlington have zoned parking. You may also need to obtain a Zone Parking Permit depending on your Arlington address.

  • Which vehicles are subject to the Vehicle Personal Property Tax?

    All vehicles located in Arlington County are subject to personal property tax, including vehicles that are not registered in Virginia, vehicles that do not run, and vehicles that are temporarily absent from Arlington County. A vehicle is temporarily absent if it has not been legally registered in another jurisdiction.

  • Do I need to register my vehicles in Arlington County even if they are already registered in the state of Virginia?

    Every vehicle garaged in Arlington County must be registered with the Arlington County Commissioner of Revenue. This can be done through the mail, in person, or by visiting our website. To register your vehicle, you'll need to submit your valid state vehicle registration. If you have moved your vehicle from another Virginia jurisdiction, you'll need to supply a copy of your most recent paid vehicle personal property tax receipt or a copy of your most recent certified vehicle personal property tax filing.

Download the "Vehicle Personal Property Tax - Questions & Answers" brochure. (109.5K PDF format ).


Virginia State Income Tax

  • I live in another state but worked in Virginia and had Virginia taxes withheld from my paycheck in error. What form do I file to get back the withholding?

    Virginia Form 763-S, a special non-resident claim form.

  • If I have tax due, to whom do I make my check payable?

    Virginia Department of Taxation

  • I am retired and I do not have Virginia withholding taken out from my retirement income. What should I do to have this income covered for Virginia taxes?

    Form 760ES, Virginia estimated tax

    OR contact Virginia withholding:

    Virginia Department of Taxation
    PO Box 1880
    Richmond, VA 23218-1880


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