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Court House Metro The Court House Metro Station Area comprises approximately 240 acres of land containing a mix of residential, government, office, and retail development. Since 1898, when the courthouse was relocated from the City of Alexandria to Fort Myer Heights, the County government has been a central focus of this area. Both the relocation of the government center and the area’s convenience to transportation facilities led to the development of Arlington’s first residential subdivisions. Colonial Village, located north of Wilson Boulevard between North Veitch Street and North Quinn Street, is one of Arlington’s first garden apartment complexes. Part of the complex has been designated as an Historic District by the County Board.

Since the Court House metro station opened in 1979, a mix of residential and commercial buildings has been developed around the government core. Over 14,000 people enter or exit the Court House metro station on an average weekday. The two Verizon buildings, built in 1983 and 1992, are the largest office buildings in the Court House Metro Station Area, comprising over 700,000 square feet of gross floor area. The Court House Plaza buildings, completed in 1989, include almost 600,000 square feet of office space.

There are over 6,000 housing units in the Court House Metro Station Residential AreaArea. Almost three-quarters of the units are renter-occupied and about 90 percent are in multi-family buildings. Almost 60 percent of the housing units in the Court House Metro Station Area are occupied by only one person. The Planning Division estimates that the population in Court House will grow from 9,643 in 2000 to approximately 18,003 in 2030.

The County Board adopted the Court House Sector Plan in 1981 and the Court House Sector Plan Addendum in 1993. Both documents reinforce the vision for the Court House Metro Station Area as a model urban government center with a mix of new high-density office and residential uses, and the preservation of nearby residential neighborhoods.

Recent projects approved for construction include The Palatine and Woodbury Park North, which will add 534 residential units to the area. The Navy League, with 196,181 square feet of office, was well under construction and it is scheduled to be completed in 2005. The Odyssey was also under construction and will add 306 residential units as well as 6,800 square feet of retail in Court House.

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