Local Districts


Here is a list of the 34 local historic districts found throughout Arlington County. The historic character of these districts is maintained through a design review process, which requires the review of any exterior modifications, new construction, or demolition within district boundaries. 

Alcova (Built 1860)
3435 South 8th Street

Arlington Post Office (Built 1937)
3118 Washington Boulevard

Ball-Carlin Cemetery (1785)
300 South Kensington Street

Ball Family Burial Grounds (1814)
3427 Washington Boulevard

Ball-Sellers House (Built 1760)
5620 South 3rd Street

Barcroft Community House (Built 1907)
800 South Buchanan Street

Brandymore Castle (rock formation)
North Roosevelt Street & Four Mile Run

Buckingham Village Historic District (Built 1940-1943)
Roughly bounded by North Glebe Road and North 5th, North Oxford, & North 2nd Streets

Calloway Cemetery (late-19th to mid-20th century)
5000 Lee Highway

Carlin Community Hall (Built 1892)
5711 South 4th Street

Cherrydale Volunteer Fire House (Built 1919)
3900 Lee Highway

Clarendon Citizens Hall (Built 1921)
3211 Wilson Boulevard

Clarendon School (Matthew F. Maury School) (Built 1910)
3550 Wilson Boulevard

Colonial Village (Built 1934)
Roughly bounded by Wilson Boulevard, Lee Highway, North Veitch Street, & Queens Lane

Crossman House (Built 1892)
2501 North Underwood Street

Dawson Terrace (Built 1856)
2133 North Taft Street

Eastman-Fenwick House (Built 1876)
6733 Lee Highway

Fort C.F. Smith (Built 1863)
2411 North 24th Street

Fort Ethan Allen (Built 1861)
3829 North Stafford Street

Fort Ethan Allen Trench (Built 1861)
4311 North Old Glebe Road

Fraber House (Built 1913)
1612 North Quincy Street

Glebe House (Built 1820)
4527 North 17th Street

Glenmore (Built 1906)
3440 North Roberts Lane

Green Valley Pharmacy (Built 1942)
2415 Shirlington Road

Harry Gray House (Built 1881)
1005 South Quinn Street

Hume School (Built 1891)
1805 South Arlington Ridge Road

Dan Kain Building (Built 1946)
3100 Washington Boulevard

Lomax AME Zion Church (Built 1922)
2704 South 24th Road

Maywood Neighborhood Historic District (Founded 1909)
Roughly bounded by North 23rd Road, Interstate 66, North 21st Avenue, & North Nelson Street

Reevesland (Built ca. 1900)
400 North Manchester Street

Swanson Middle School (Built 1939)
5800 Washington Boulevard

Travers’ Family Graveyard (1830)
1307 South Monroe Street

Walker Chapel and Cemetery (1871)
4102 North Glebe Road

Washington/Torreyson Farm House (Built ca. 1879)
1600 North Lexington Street 


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