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Rosslyn Metro Station Area

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 Profile of Rosslyn

The Rosslyn Metro Station Area is situated just across the Potomac River from Washington D.C. on the Orange and Blue Metrorail lines. In the early 1960s, Rosslyn was home to an assortment of pawn shops, lumber yards, oil storage tanks, vacant lots and other marginal uses, as well as ap-proximately 2,500 housing units. At that time, the Arlington County Board opted out of the Federal Urban Renewal Program in favor of an innovative effort whereby private developers were allowed to develop at much greater densities than otherwise allowed, as long as they adhered to a County-ap-proved master plan. The first Land Use Plan and site approval procedure for Rosslyn Redevelopment was adopted in 1961. The Rosslyn Sector Plan was adopted in 1977. The Rosslyn Station Area Plan Addendum, adopted by the County Board in 1992, outlines a strategy for a more functional, urban and livable place. Finally, in 1996, the Board adopted the C-O-Rosslyn zoning district, a new zoning classification to be used to implement the goals of the station area plan and addendum. The C-O-Rosslyn district allows the County Board to approve additional density up to a maximum of 10.0 FAR (floor area ratio) when it finds the development proposal offers important community benefits identified in approved plans for the area. This level of density is only allowed in the area designated “Rosslyn Coordinated Redevelopment District” on the General Land Use Plan and on sites rezoned by the County Board to “C-O-Rosslyn.”

Rosslyn serves as a proud gateway into Arlington and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Some of Arlington's most recognizable office buildings are located in Rosslyn, including the Twin Towers buildings and the smart building at 1801 North Lynn Street. The largest office building in Rosslyn is Rosslyn Center, which totals over 725,000 square feet of office and commercial space. The Water-view, a recently-approved mixed-use project, will include over 630,000 of office, hotel, residential and retail space when constructed.

Rosslyn Cherry Blossoms

There are a significant number of high-rise apartment and condominium buildings, as well as older, smaller buildings and new luxury townhouses. River Place cooperative is one of the largest residential developments in Arlington, with over 1,600 units. In addition, the 1800 Wilson Boulevard project is a 153-unit condo building currently under construction. Recently approved residential projects—including Eighteen 81 and Rosslyn Ridge II—will add about 575 units to Rosslyn's housing stock.

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