Development Data and Reports



Quarterly Development Reports

These reports summarize residential and commercial development activity and trends in Arlington County.  They are produced for each quarter of the calendar year.




Additional quarterly reports are available upon request.

Annual Development Highlights

These reports summarize residential and commercial development activity in Arlington County and compare trends over the last ten years.  They are produced annually and cover the entire calendar year.

Additional annual reports can be found on our Planning Information Report (PIR) Page.


Arlington Corridors Development Update

This report summarizes residential and commercial development that was completed, approved, or under construction at the end of each Fiscal Year for each of Arlington's Major Planning Corridors.  This report also provides a summary of development activity for the previous fiscal year for each Major Planning Corridors.  This report is produced annually and covers the entire fiscal year.

Development in the Metro Corridors

This report presents data for major developments in the Rosslyn-Ballston and Jefferson Davis Metro Corridors from 1960 to the end of the 1st Quarter of 2011.  For Each Metro Station Area, there is a table with detailed information about development projects and a locator map showing the location and decade of completion for each development project included in the table.

The report can also be accessed through the Development in the Metro Corridors page, which breaks the report into chapters for each Metro Station Area. 

Interactive Development Map

Development information is also available in an Interactive Map hosted on the GIS Mapping Center's Map Gallery page.  This interactive map displays data and photos for major commercial and residential projects that are completed, under construction, demolished, or approved by the Arlington County Board.  Data displayed by the map is current as of the end of the 4th Quarter 2013 (December 31, 2013).

The map can also be accessed through this link.

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