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Director's Office

 Bob Brosnan, Director(703) 228-3525Email icon
 Mike Halewski(703) 228-4424Email icon
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Business Operations Division

 Cynthia Hernan, Chief Administrative Officer
 Wanda Fells
 Alexus Guilliod
 Anthony Garrett
 Helen Duong, Communications Manager
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Planning Division 

 Bob Duffy, Planning Director(703) 228-3797Email icon
 Tom Miller, Current Planning Supervisor(703) 228-7440Email icon
 Freida Wray, Site Plan Coordinator(703) 228-3541Email icon
 Claude Williamson, Master Planning Section(703) 228-3537Email icon
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 Norma Cozart, Zoning Administrator(703) 228-3883Email icon
 Essie Corbin(703) 228-3883Email icon
 David Hunter(703) 228-3883Email icon
 Kenneth Wright(703) 228-3883Email icon
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Inspection Services

 Shahriar Amiri, Director Inspection Services Division(703) 228-3848Email icon
 Paula Eubank, Deputy Building Official(703) 228-3868Email icon
 Tammy Watson, Management Specialist(703) 228-3356 Email icon
 Gwen Hancock-Woods, Permits/Admin Section(703) 228-3666Email icon
 Elizabeth Wells, Plans Review Section(703) 228-3877Email icon
 James Anjam, Field Inspections Section(703) 228-3875Email icon
 Emad Elmagraby, Field Inspections Section(703) 228-7094Email icon
 Gary Greene, Code Enforcement Section(703) 228-3232Email icon
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Housing Division

 David Cristeal, Director Housing Division(703) 228-0761 Email icon
 Russell Danao-Schroeder, Housing Planning(703) 228-3826Email icon
 Renee Willis, Housing Services Section(703) 228-3787Email icon
 Jennifer Daniels, Housing Development Section(703) 228-3822Email icon
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Neighborhood Services

 Chikwe Njoku, Acting Neighborhood Services Director(703) 228-7472Email icon
 Cynthia Liccese-Torres, Historic Preservation(703) 228-3813Email icon
 Katie Brown-Henry, Neighborhood College(703) 228-3819Email icon
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Last Modified: October 24, 2013
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