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The Department of Community Planning, Housing and Development (CPHD) is comprised of four Divisions: Housing, Inspection Services, Planning, and Neighborhood Services.  We are dedicated to promoting the improvement, conservation and revitalization of Arlington's physical and social environment.

Housing Division

The goal of the Housing Division is to provide leadership and high quality services to ensure a range of housing choices, provide housing information and facilitate community revitalization.  Arlington's desirability as a great place to live and its accessibility to the Metro system and Washington, D.C., have led to high housing demand, driving up prices and shrinking the pool of affordable housing. To address affordable housing needs Arlington has:

View background information on Arlington's Affordable Housing Efforts.

The Housing Division serves as the County's focal point for:

  • development of affordable housing
  • housing planning and policy development;
  • housing information and services, for tenants, landlords, homebuyers, and home owners; and
  • administration of the federally funded CDBG program.

The Division also chairs the County's interdepartmental Housing Coordination Team that coordinates and initiates housing activities across departmental lines. Those activities and their funding resources are listed in a Countywide Housing Budget.

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Inspections Division

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of public service while ensuring compliance with the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code and other applicable local codes and ordinances.  We serve as a resource of information for our residents, design professionals, contractors, builders and developers to ensure that the built environment is constructed and maintained in a safe, energy efficient, and accessible manner.  We strive to set the standard for excellence in public service.

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Neighborhood Services

The Mission of the Neighborhood Services Division is to deliver quality neighborhood planning and improvement services in collaboration with citizens to enhance and preserve healthy conditions in all neighborhoods.

The goals of the Office are to facilitate:

  • Better communication between residents and County government;
  • Increased County responsiveness to neighborhood needs and trends;
  • More effective coordination among County Departments on neighborhood services;
  • Active citizen participation and civic awareness;
  • Effective neighborhood service delivery tailored to the needs of individual neighborhoods.

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Planning Division

The Planning Division is responsible for guiding and regulating Arlington's short and long-range development by working with the community to develop plans, analyze development and rezoning requests in the light of those plans, provide zoning and code enforcement activities, and review and issue permits for construction of residential and commercial development.

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